Can you base the death timers on frequency of deaths instead of duration of the game?

For instance:

1st death - 5 seconds
2nd - 10 seconds
3rd - 20
4th - 40
5th - 80
6th - 160
7th - 320
8th - 640
…and so on.

That would be a solution for yolo feeders. Also, it benefits those who only eat kills late game.



I would rather not see the fed enemy Celeste we picked off get back into the fight almost instantly, and it could create cheese strats where people with 1-2 deaths suicide in, get one kill, respawn and teleport back in.

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That wouldn’t work they’d just be boosting their death timers. If you feed anyone, the last thing you’d worry about is cheese strats, because they’d have all the time in the world to out farm you. The whole point to penalize frivolous deaths and reward those who don’t die.

Most people who feed don’t have a tangible mechanic to see the fault in it, as the gold bounties are a mechanic that works behind the scenes.

Hell take the gold bounties away too. Then it’s perfectly balanced. The reason for the snowball will be fully transparent.

What are you talking about. One teamfight can end a game, so why not cheese with your 6/0 Reza with a TP

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No, because who the heck would want to stay dead for 5 minutes, then die instantly, and wait another 10 minutes? This is too much of a punishment for bad, or new players. This would just lead to more players afking, or just stop playing the game.


Terrible design choice. Snowballing would be even harder to recover from and early game comps will DOMINATE. This will not force other teams to play more carefully, it will force aggressive early game comps to become even more aggressive and feed those timers are early as possible.


Maybe a mixture of both would be good.

Like the current one and 1 extra second per death.


Snowballing teams already dominate. Death timers on frequency are completely transparent. The direct correlation would be that you lost because you died to much. With the current system people treat it that they lost because they aren’t fighting hard enough.

Quite frankly, the current system punishes people for dying in the later game, and punishes the entire team for one person feeding.

No one. That’s the entire point. It exponentially punishes someone who is consistantly dying, so they don’t do it frivolously.

Only if the team feeds all game. It’s actually better than the current system, because, currently, a team can eat one death late game then loose to objective capture. This way the impact of dying in the late game will be mitigated by not dying frequently in the early game, because a team who hasn’t frivolously died in the early game will respawn faster late game.

It a system that better rewards performance throughout the game, and not on dying at specific stages.

Ok, yeah I understand. But what do they during this 10 minutes penalty? They should at least include a minigame while you wait :laughing: or maybe a video that explain what they did wrong lol. I’m not sure if I like the approach, but I’d be willing to try it out. But that’s because I do fairly well in a game. If I’d suck, I would definitely not like this approach.

They think about what they did…

You have to straight feed to get to ten minutes. Eating a few deaths won’t hurt much. It’s when people get close to double digits they get screwed.

It’s an interesting idea to try to deal with feeders but the way you’ve suggested would be disastrous, Not only does it reward a snowball team with a get out of jail card late game if the other teams pulls off an upset team fight and gets an ace, it would make games last longer. I know it seems counter intuitive by shortening death timers, but short death timers make pushing objectives WAY harder, which results in less win conditions.

Death timers are not a system of reward or punishment for dying, (the reward and punishment is the lost or gained farm) death timers are in place to ensure the flow of the game is what the DEVS want it to be, and that it ends in a time frame they want.


and I need to type more than 30 characters

So it’d make come backs even harder? And anything over a couple of minutes seems excessive since the whole game itself is supposed to last 25 min max.

It wouldn’t make the game longer (if anything make them shorter), or comebacks harder, provided you don’t continue to feed. It really wouldn’t really change anything but make people realize there is a direct consequence for feeding.

The current system punishes the entire team instead of the offender. It is like getting a speeding ticket, but instead of one person paying, the government just raises taxes for everyone.

I’m sorry, but if someone is consistently eating deaths, you’re losing anyway if you can’t hard carry the game. In this case, it makes it better for hard carriers, because you don’t get punished as badly end game due to not feeding.

Snowballing is already pretty much unstoppable in 3v3 due to borked balancing, and 5v5 is super snowball reliant too. So it’s definitely a bad choice right now.

But when would this be a good change?

There’s a reason other games don’t do this, it’s because it absolutely guts comebacks, makes the game unfun for newbies and makes the game incredibly difficult to balance. And although it seems natural in your head, the more you think about it the more unnatural it would be to go up against this in game.

So no, this would not work. Imagine how terrible it would feel if you FINALLY killed the enemy Krul but then he just immediately respawns and starts picking your team off one by one within the next half minute. This system is incredibly overly punishing for no reason other than a fantasy of a system determines respawn time based on skill.

640 seconds? Bro who’s gonna wait 10 mins to respawn lmao

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this is just, no.
if more deaths = higher timer, then the best atrat would be to have a killsquad roaming around just to get kills, for example, koshka and grumpjaw, who have a godly early game, could just be racking up kills early on to force those minute long timers by midgame.
you’d make the game a kill oriented game because the team who has more kills has more time.
you’d shift the meta forever into earlygame aggressive heroes.
“b-b-but, if theyre roaming around you should coordinate with your teammates to catch them!” mmyes in such a coordinated moba perfected for touch, where everyone 100% works together.
"place vision to avoid ganks!"
say you do place well vision and spot them, now the area where you can walk to safely is lowered, koshka and grump could definitely chase you from a bush, and so can many more heroes.
"ask for support!"
support has to be in one lane, so if theyre in your lane, might as well gank the next, right?

Where have you been? Most people play this as a kill oriented game anyway.

The game play style won’t change for anyone in lower tiers, and at higher tiers they know how to play defensively against early game aggression. Those type of comps have already existed, so it would still be a small change.

Again, nothing would change except directly allocating the punishment and making the mistake more transparent to the offender and less to the whole team.