Can we talk about Inara? 🦌

I don’t understand this.

She was and still is BALANCED when they released her but she has one of the lowest pick rates ever . Her winrate is balanced too :thinking:

So I decided to (force myself) play her just to see why was this case. After experimenting with her paths and builds I realized why this was the case.

Shes so supportive, shes unwanted.

Yes I know she was made to be a sub-support but it doesnt help her. She barely has any damage to 1v1 anyone. And every other Jungler does what she does (not the support aspects) but better when it comes to playing solo q.

They only people I using her is mostly teams or guild teams that consistently play together and can use Inara to the fullest potential.

Otherwise she has no play in SoloQ…

I looked at her stats and saw that she has no major overdrives. The only one being major but questionable is her 0 EC on her A.

Which is just garbage.

I really think that they should shred just a LITTLE bit off of her utility and add it back to some overdrives on her abilities to make it a little easy NOT to die when stuck in a 1v1 situation.

She doesnt really need 10 seconds of a teamwide boost.

Also on the another note, here are some weird things to note about Inara:

• She has this thing where when you kick a enemy, you cannot move for like half a second. The same thing that happened with Reza before the changed his B or dash.

• Second thing is that her A is REALLY hard to see how far it reaches out to. It really needs a vfx update like what they did with Tier 3 Vox and his pulse range. I use it way to early thinking that the enemy is in range of my A but they arent since THERE BARELY ISNT ANY WAY TO SEE HOW FAR IT REACHES.

I would would love to see ^ that change. Also I would like to say that you guys should try her A out and see what im talking about and if it really does need a update in effects.

Then maybe HipsterSkaarf would find it worthy enough to spread onto semcs team :potoo:

Also Im sorry for my wall of text.

Maybe I should watch the other forumers way of writing visually appealing discussions and learn from it

This is sort of a general problem with a lot of heroes – the size of the hitboxes is VERY hard (or impossible) to judge. And as we all know, the hitboxes for abilities extend pretty far from the graphical representation of the abilities in-game, so when you’re on the receiving end, it’s not unusual to appear to be outside the area of effect but get hit anyway.

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True :sweat:

Gotta love :spaghetti: code

She’s just Baptiste except very balanced. The only reason Bap was ever changed was that they decided to tinker with him. I don’t think being a supportive character is a bad thing. She’s able to 1v1 most heroes on her WP side and provides a ton of burst and speed with her CP. It just comes down to what you need.

She’s a simple character but it comes down to how obvious you can make your attacks be without being too obvious. If that makes any sense.

She shouldn’t get her Ult duration nerfed. It’s one of the best ults in the game, on super low CD and it’s somehow balanced anyway. Don’t touch what’s not broken. With the meta AS CW build she’s really good in ganks and while she’s not going to be able to 1v1 ADCs she has some decent damage and can chip really well. Over time it adds up and when she can actually kill you you can’t really escape her.

It’s true she’s very dependent on allies not being bad but if they’re decent she’s sooo game changing and impactful. If you know the people in soloq are somewhat decent she’s a great pick. They could give her more scaling for example if she actually needs damage non-utility path (which I guess she does) but they shouldn’t touch what we have now. She’s one of the most balanced heroes currently.

One thing I think they should work on though is her B hitbox. That’s literally the most unreliable ability in the game. Sometimes you’re right next to someone, pointblank B and it misses. They should change it to something similar to Lance’s B. And also she can get general QoL buff to her B as you said.

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I see what you mean but I disagree with her being able to win 1v1 fights with WP. Any other jungler can easily out damage her. CP is a different story though since you play like a assassin.

Im just saying if it were to happen . Its normal to move some power from from one part of the kit, to another in mobas.

And her ult is truely one of the strongest aspects of her kit but it wouldn’t matter that much if it was changed. The ability to give a teamwide boost for any amount of duration with such a low cooldown is just already strong by itself.

Honestly I cant agree more. :ok_hand:

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Of course. That’s why I didn’t know how to reply. Because she’s kind of an assassin by design? I don’t really know what she’s supposed to be but I think assassin. Yet she plays like some very mobile disruptor. So yes if she was to get changed and buffed she would need something else nerfed, I agree. But that’s the problem, she’s currently balanced and I don’t see the reason to nerf something that works. While at the same time I do agree that she probably need better damage path and not only utility one (the only viable damage Inara I’ve seen is the WP Inaras who literally only splitpush the entire game. It’s unpunishable in most cases as she’s basically guaranteed an escape lol) So what I mean is if she gets her ult nerfed her current balanced utility path might be ruined and that would honestly be a waste considering how well balanced she is.

Basically yes I agree she could use a damage dealer build path but it’s kind of risky and I’d prefer having her only like now than risk it if it’s not guaranteed to work and be healthy.

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There is a guy in twitch main her , the way he plays her is just farm farm farm , gank if no one near , he rush halcyon boots after getting the banner , then I think he buy shiver and depending on match he go pulse wave or continue building damage , but he plays her tanky and win a lot of games , just avoid fights and fight when your team has the advantage and just run if things get complicated , he actually run a lot from fights to reposition .

Inara is a sleeper she’s played a lot in scrims, expect an Inara game or 2 from team Germany at Wesg.

Inara’s B hitbox is definitely annoying. I think the problem is latency, but Inara is wiggly and half the heroes she’s going to try to hit with her B are wiggly, so just 200ms or so delay is enough that heroes are often out of her cone even though they look like they’re in it. Starting the cone slightly behind her would fix it (at super-short range).

To the larger thread, Inara is just not a cookie-cutter hero. She’s not an assassin, support, warrior, or tank, and because of that people can’t just drop her in to a team as a replacement for another hero. That doesn’t mean she’s bad, she’s just not as generic as most junglers, and players need a skill set unique to her.

If she needs changes, it’s QOL stuff. Her B is wonky and often misses enemies who appear to be right in the middle of it — it probably just needs the hitbox adjusted.

Her wisps tend to disappear a bit early, making them less useful than they should be for reengaging — making them linger for .5 sec or so longer would be a big help, and would not be OP since Inara’s damage is meh and she has no defense/sustain in her kit.

The range for jumping to her wisps is a bit short and not apparent in any way — she should simply be able to jump to anything marked with a wisp no matter the range.

The range for her vision to treants is a bit short too, and again, not obvious to the player. She should probably have vision to any treant that would be on a 4:3 aspect screen.

Basically, her perk already has limited usefulness, so it should generally be more reliable. Little improvements to her vision range, and the usability of the dash from her perk wouldn’t do anything to her win rate, but they would fix some of the “Why couldn’t I do that?” problems she gets sometimes.


I find her fine for 1v1 as either WP or CP, but she needs to be picky about when and how she fights. The general rule is that when the enemy initiates, Inara should run, but she should keep looking for chances to reengage.

The trick is that Inara gains no benefit at all from sticking in a fight and basic attacking, so she shouldn’t do it unless she’s fighting a ranged hero. Every other melee hero gets some incentive to stay in the fight and basic attack (ramping damage, health drain, or defenses that stack) or they get some form of damage mitigation, or they get both. What Inara gets is amazing speed, 2 dashes, and the ability to leap to treants.

Her WP and CP path deal damage in mostly the same way; she has good WP scaling on her A, so hitting with an A, a basic attack, and then kicking out with B do similar damage whether she builds WP or CP.

I think where people mess up is that they prioritize damage a bit too much with her. She can go a whole match with just :vgitem_sorrowblade: and :vgitem_tensionbow:. Her style is to hit with a big chunk, hop out, and then hop back in to hit with a big chunk again, so it’s more important for her to be alive for the next cooldown than to do damage.

In 1v1, she should stick to ranged carries like glue, but against melee she should stay out of their range when she isn’t ready to hit them with something big. She is pretty good at making enemies drop stacks, waste cooldowns, and waste their CC, and she can usually just run away if the fight doesn’t go her way.

I generally start with SGB and finish :vgitem_sorrowblade: :vgitem_pulseweave: and :vgitem_journeyboots:, in that order. :vgitem_slumberinghusk: is often my fourth item (and I’ll usually build half of it, depending on whether I’m taking more WP or CP damage), but I might go for :vgitem_tensionbow: or :vgitem_stormcrown: first. I’ve been checking out other people’s builds, and the ones that work usually seem to finish some type of defense second or third. The idea is that Inara wins fights by maneuver, by running out the enemy’s cooldowns, and by staying alive to use her own cooldowns.

I’d never describe her damage as good, but it’s adequate. She murders hyper carries, and she can dance around brawlers until they leave her an opening. I play her a lot specifically because she’s good at dealing with basically any matchup.