Can we talk about Captain Tony?


I like to experiment with a roaming Tony (he’s kind of slow, but whatever), and I very much enjoy the roamer position - so I tend to do said experiments with many roles. I’m starting to believe that, if the hero isn’t labeled officially under said role in the game, it must be taboo.

Interestingly enough, though, whenever I’ve played in matches (casual or ranked), if I am able to pick Tony granted he’s not insta-banned, the first responses I get are always the pre-game chat flooded with

Captain Tony?

What’s the consensus of Tony being played as a roamer?


Tony is made to be a flexible hero. With his CC, he has more than enough tools to be a roamer.

I totally agree. Every match I’ve had says otherwise. I’m not too worried about pre-game’s opinions but I thought a discussion would be nice.

I feel like his barrier scales with bonus HP? I didn’t notice anything about that in his description. Still, he works as a captain because his kit is pretty loaded, like baptiste’s.


Baptiste is arguably my favorite hero simply because no matter what I decide to play him as, he works.

I feel that if you technically wanna captain Tony you might as well go CP. The good CP path which is AS after Stormcrown becomes a second captain in the late game when he gets really low cooldowns are becomes stupidly tanky.

Well spotted - it has a 30% health scaling which isn’t disclosed.


Well I like him enouh as a roam that I wrote a BM article about playing as one - it definitely works - though it is somewhat draft reliant and dependent on your synergy with your team.

Childs Play just used it to beat Tribe in NACL so I would expect to see an upsurge of roam Tonys.

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Nope. It doesn’t. It only scales with his level though.
Edit: nvm I just read idmonfish’s reply.

WTH? It does? Why TF that is it not shown in the detail?

And the SEMC mysteries continue…but in all honesty, Tony, like many other CC equipped heroes meant for carry or jungler roles, play great as captains. And many captains play great as CP carries provided you build appropriately. Tis the nature of flexible builds.

Is there a VOD of that game somewhere? >.>

Also thanks for the info, I knew I wasn’t imagining it!

You can see it in practice easily enough by buying all crucibles and see the size of the barrier change.

I believe it was added late and it slipped through the gap in terms of being put into his perk description. Hopefully its added next patch.

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On twitch on the NACL channel I believe.

Maybe as sc and then support, you have to abuse his early game since he falls off late game.

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You know what slipped through too? His B damage value. It’s 30 (+15 per level) +75% CP.

My issue with Captain :b: ony is that in SoloQ, the likelyhood of a :b: ony being useless is much higher than the likelyhood of someone like Ardan being useless. His A stun is delayed, his B can be missed and his C can screw over your own team more than the opposing team. I’m sure that many feel the same way. It’s hard to trust a Cap :b: ony because he’s so unreliable.

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I’ve tried. Let’ put it this way: early and mid game he can be a beast, but he is useless late game, mainly because you do zero damage with A and basics

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You mean 30% bonus hp scaling? So 30% of item’s hp is added to the barrier, because his barrier would be covering a third of his health bar if it was flat out 30%>

Yes thats exactly what I mean.