Can we have a "what?" Ping

I have recently started noticing players unnecessarily pinging me in game. Let me tell you a situation. So I tell in the draft that I will play cp idris top lane and indicate to vox that he/she should play cp vox in mid as we already have a saw in bot. But no he goes wp and then goes to bot lane and then saw comes to top lane and I have to come to mid. All this is early game so no worries. I’m farming properly and and defending my turret against celeste. And then vox dies. He starts throwing the green ping on me. And I’m like what? You want me to leave my turret with 2 enemies pushing my lane and rotate to you?
How does that make sense. I know you guys and gals will suggest me to just mute them but I just can’t. It might be possible that the same teammate indicates something very important during the match.

So what do you think, do we need a “what?” Tag

This can’t be fixed. When someone’s salty and dies they just ping anything to throw the fault off of themselves. Unless there’s a real chat you won’t get what they mean but even then if there was chat they’ll probably just flame you. Even though it sounds weird you’re lucky as they keep playing at least. In higher tiers (at least in EU) so many people would just go suicide the entire game because of such thing. Doesn’t matter they were the only ones at fault.


Agreed. The famous :wut: ping debate all over again …

It was silly of SEMC to remove it, as it actually served a purpose and removing it did absolutely nothing to reduce toxic pinging.


I know right. I don’t get how removing it makes the games less toxic. Same with thanks and buy defensive items. People can be toxic with literally anything. I still want someone to give me a ping that can’t be used for toxicity.

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Don’t forget “we need vision” and the good ol’ :haha: and :thumbs: whenever you die.


The new way is to suggest a turret dive to your ally which isn’t at all toxic…

What the hell was that ??? Was 10% of the go turret dive ping…

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The we need vision I hate so much… Cause people think I’m toxic but I really mean buy that bloody superscout and get us vision so we don’t get 4 man ganked every other minute…

I suggest superscout a lot and get laughed at…

They are then angry when I die in a 3 v 1 gank…

As well as the ever-popular :vg_ok:


That isn’t toxic. That’s just an its okay move on dude.

Cheers :beer: is a you did good no sweat bro…

You must play with different people than I do …


lol. Most of the pings we have are useless. Take we need vision: you ping it once, and your team should get it. That makes it useless for the rest of the game for the most part. Yes, you’ll use it to place cams in specific spots but beyond that your main vision item user should be placing them in the right spots and your team should be using cams as they go in general.

That means that the only thing that ping is actually useful for is spamming it to get someone’s attention to buy vision or spamming it when your team won’t use their cams, making it counterintuitive by design.

Things like these really make me wonder if the people designing these systems actually try them or notice these things.

A what ping is useless too, as if you can’t describe what you’re saying with the pings you have already, it’s a problem with the pings you have already. I don’t see semc spending a lot of time on the pings anymore though, even though they should. It comes down to serious players needing a different gameplay experience than casual ones and that is an issue I don’t see semc solving easily.


Didn’t get what you meant. 3030

When you ping the white crosshair to the enemy base.
You are suggesting go kill yourself…


toxic: :vg_ok:
non-toxic: :vg_ok: :happy: / :vg_ok: :thumbs:

also cheers is good I use that quite a lot

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Yeah my point was literally any ping can be used in a toxic way if the player wants to.

Agree ? And buy defence should be bough back… tried roaming for three laners couple of days ago who all went glass cannon. How do you play with that in a team fight? They got blown up in seconds and they’re all pinging as if I could do something to prevent that.


Which is especially annoying now that there are two decent single defense options: Aegis and Slumbering Husk.

We aren’t asking double defense just some survivability to not be snuffed out like a candle lol

Out of all the “toxic” pings, :vg_ok: is the most amusing to me.

//enemy attempts to dive but fails horribly//

The sound that come with it is gold.


That sound is what makes it toxic, at least to my ears. Exactly like someone clucking their tongue. :lanceheresy: Lol


I know right, was a frustrating match, every team fight went the same way… spam my abilities use all my items and run because they were blown up within seconds.

For what’s it’s worth I despise traditional carry builds in top lane, when you get someone playing Cp idris then complaining that they can 2v1 it grates on me.