Can we also talk about Pyke? (New Champion - LoL)

For those of you who play League, what do you think of our new Champion?

Pyke - The Bloodharbor Ripper

Nice ryze rework.

I honestly don’t think his thematic fits in the support role. But hey, riot is trying to make different types of supports and he kinda is the only darker side support that there is. His kit is cool though.

They wanted to make a new type of suppprt that is an assassin/support hybrid which already sounds weird, but looking at his abilities it looks cool.

Honestly is much better than the last 2 champions:
Zoe (a mess of RNG and one shotting with a basic ability)
Kai’Sa (boring as hell and her character is as dull as a worn out knife)

zoe and kaisa were both op op though, and zoe’s already nerfed so her one hit potential isnt high

i like pyke. i like how he looks, his themd, and how he has the best cc in the game (death)
10/10 best support

This made me snort irl

Extra hilarity points for it being 3.42 AM and I’m drowsy from sleeping meds that won’t knock me out.

I hope I forget this so I can read it again for the first time tomorrow


Most Champs can one shot with a basic ability (think of late game Camille q with 1k true dmg) and kaisa’s kit is not at all boring, you’ve just gotta get used to it