Can VG do it too? Fix lag/ smoother gameplay like new ML client

Mobile Legends is cooking something up to provide us with a better and faster game client. They plan to upgrade the client by using a different game engine called Unity. Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

I feel MLBB much smother with free lag with new client

I hope VG fix thier lag too :hushed:


AOV and especially ML (and it’s not shocking giving how much bigger player base ML have and how much more money that game makes. It’s quite a normal thing to invest more and develop more a successful product) really improved in the last 1.5 years and they both continue to do so with rapid speed.

P.S. Unity is a good engine overall (on PC too), got a good scaling on different platforms and is a good choice for mobile, btw. Quite a few AAA titles on mobile use it.

Edit: As for VG, I suspect that their code is a mess - optimizations will 99% not happen. It’s not that easy to optimize, can lead to a lot of bugs (and we all know how they deal with them currently) and it’s generally time consuming. I was hoping that they will atleast fix the desync, but currently I doubt that this will happen too… especially with the “bug fixes” they listed to make it look like a big list, but in reality not a single important ingame bug was addressed.


“Lag” is mostly the result of network latency, so changing the game engine won’t make a difference there. (Better netcode in the client can help the client handle spikes in latency, however, but in general, ML and AoV both handle latency much better than VG already.)


Exactly, I think he meant - smoother and more responsive to your actions (i.e. “sharper” controls due to the new engine).


I didn’t know that that mean change engine will not effect lag?
I mean more smoother =reduce lag I’m right?

Or engine help frame rate?

I don’t have lag issues but more smoother gameplay what I need especially when I play Fanny

I love to hate VG but I cant complain about lag or the loading time, the game loads quick, I rarely close the game mid-game, takes less than 10s to get back, constant 30ms with very, no, extremely rare lag spikes (server side or might be my side, ususlly goes away within seconds).

The problem that only occurs with me is de-syncing. I dont have any MS problems and my internet is always reliable. Its only VG that this occurs too :pensive:

This rank skin reward for S 12 also vexana my main