Can this affect Vainglory as well?

So, I’ve just come across an article today that lead back to this thread on a subreddit here:

It is intriguing to say the least.

What do you all think?

I don’t really feel as if we got much revealing female characters and blood & gore stuff.

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That could be a big problem for many games. China is a massive market for almost every game ever (especially Multiplayer online games). I think if this continues, we may see games filtering and censoring stuff, which would be a real shame, and would affect us all, in or outside China. As for Vainglory, as of yet, I don’t think it’s a big enough game to be noticed (or prioritised anyway) by the authorities.

But neither does Fortnite… it was banned for “Blood and gore, vulgar content.”
And I’m pretty sure VG has some more revealing characters than Fortnite…

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Slyvan and Spider Queen Kestrel says hi.


Many games have different builds for certain markets, particularly the Chinese market. I think it’d be a fairly easy problem to solve, should it ever come up.

Lets just pray that they dont alter the splasharts for everyone (ex: gwens cigar) just because they dont comply with the chinese restrictions.

Cuz I have the feeling that might happen

Not to mention Some of the Catherine and Rona skins…

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While I do believe rampant censorship is becoming a problem with society, I’d rather keep discussion like that off this forum. I don’t want this place to become politically divided.


Already addressed. Meant as a joke. Apologies if any offense was taken or harm was caused due to it. Love you all!

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