Can’t connect to server problem

I can’t play since yesterday because anytime I open it, the game is always connecting and ends up with “Unable to connect to our server
Your device isn’t connecting to connect to our server”
I’ve read this problem in the old “vainglorygame forum”, some had this problem too but it was a long time ago. I did reconnect to wifi and even redownload the game but nothing happend
My device is iPhone 5s but I’ve already upgraded it to ios 11.0.2
I’m living in Vietnam and playing the SEA server currently.
Please help me guys

And I’ve already upgraded to 3.9 version

Have you updated to 3.9.2? They added a hotfix cause some people were having issues. If that doesn’t work, I suggest contacting SEMC.

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Try Vpn too , it could be you internet service provider blocking vainglory ports , and it could be your router , try connecting from different router , I think redownloading the game fix the issue if your account stuck in the server or something so you end up in a loop of connecting and nothing happens , your problem more ISP or router .

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