Can’t buy ICE!

I was thinking of bying some ice, but then I Get error… what can I do?

TLDR: Restart › Check Boards › Reinstall › Support

First, restart Vainglory. This resets the apps store. If this falls…

Second, take a look around on boards . Is this incident just yours, or is the store down. I have had times where I couldn’t access all the tabs in the store. If this is it, give it time.

Third, uninstall and reinstall Vainglory. It is very important to note your email associated with the game, as well as the password. If you cannot remember the password, request a forgotten password BEFORE deletion. Once reinstalled, the game will open its eSports movie. Don’t click anything it tells you to click and click the login/have an account button. Login with that username and password. The tutorial has now been skipped. At the main menu, click the store and try to buy Ice. If it fails once more…

Lastly, open a support ticket. The team is very good at getting back to you within at least 48 hours. You should be able to get more help there.


This can also be to do with parental controls being enabled on the device - which can lock out in app purchases so thats worth checking for as well.