Can someone halp

My curiosity is killing me to know what the difference is :bacon_tears:


They just edited in the had to do it to em guy. Find him and you win 20 glory for the next hotfix

I couldn’t figure it out either, maybe it’s a little background detail reduction or something idk

The game generally looks sharper to me, and color tone seems somewhat different, and abilities and lines from modals look brighter. But hey, maybe that’s just when I’m not stoned…or something. :blush:

It looks to me like the lighting is less diffuse and more directional, making the illumination of the hero sharper and more defined. (Compare Inara’s shadows in each image to see what I mean.)

Shadows have changed greatly, in relation to the environment. Other than that, I’m assuming some animations will be sped up, such as wisps on treants?

Bushes are also now less defined, making them attract the eye less. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks though. It’s hard with this picture at least because the angle seems different and the treant isn’t in the same animation, not to mention hero on a diff angle. It also just generally doesn’t seem as dark.

I literally have the eyes of a mole so it took me a while to see what you guys were talkin about. I agree with that they lowered the color environment brightness thingy

The Hair has a softer, lighter tone. i assume it’s to make the top view of a hero contrast better with the map.

I believe that’s the biggest change, the shadows don’t always get shown depending on device capabilities, so The actual change that everybody will experience is the one on the actual hero.

Actually, their whole body has a slightly softer, lighter tone… now that i’ve starred at it long enough. The pink on the trees has been dulled down as well.

Somebody hire me for being a color specialist. What’s that job where every 2 years they require you to take a color test to be able to recognize over a million colors with the human eye ? i would ace it.

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I think decision making always depending on prediction not reaction in the game , like as a captain main my predictions are saving us .