Can I play as Red team please?

I know when I’m red because all our heroes face the wrong direction, which is funny in and of itself.

So why not tell us we are red team with our health bars?

Also, wouldn’t it be nice to know in hero select? As the meta matures perhaps knowing you are red or blue will become important as the rise is non-symmetrical due to the dragons and this might impact hero selection.



Like, does it really matter though?

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You can tell which side you are on based on whether you are on the top half or bottom half of the versus screen. You are on the top half if you are on A side and you are on the bottom half if you are on B side.

The reason why the map isn’t mirrored is so there isn’t a natural advantage for one side just because they prefer tapping in one direction. As for the same health bar colors is so you can easily tell who is an ally (blue) and who is an enemy (red) regardless of which side you are on. The color may also be a factor to decide who wins, there’s a game theory video all about the topic of red vs blue giving certain advantages.

To me it matters, sorry OCD. When I see I’m red in the replay I wonder why I wasn’t when I played. Also consistency with 3v3 and all that.

Didn’t know about the loading screen. The natural advantage / disadvantage has been discussed by lefties, I’m sure they’d like to see a full on reverse option for the entire UI and play direction.

Game theory is interesting too. That video wasn’t watchable but I can guess the outcome, again new to me and would at least rationalise the all blue situation.

14 games

It matters!

That’s so odd, I win way more often on Red - in 3v3 and 5v5

These are all 5v5…

Yea, I was just saying I do better on Red in 5v5. I thought it was oddly funny because it’s the same in 3v3

red = enemies. enemies = bad. don’t be the enemies. blay blue.

red/blue team forum badge when.