Can i make/sell vg merch?

So i was wondering wether im allowed to create/sell my own vg merch? because i just got a new 3D printer and im testing out phone case designs and am about to make myself some VG phone cases…but i kinda also dont know if its legal to sell some while im at it

Side note: I totally dont know where this topic would go in the forums :sweat: sorry mods


Generally, you would need a license from SEMC to use anything that features their intellectual property (e.g., the game’s title, the hero names, their likenesses, etc.). They might look the other way for fan-made stuff that’s one-off, but if you plan on actually selling something, you could be in a for world of legal hurt if you infringe on their copyrights.


What hazel said your best option is to ask semc

So who in SEMC should i shoot the email to? Should it be support?

And if they say no to selling could i at least give them away? Or would i still be obliterated by legal infractions?

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I have no idea who at SEMC would be responsible for licensing decisions, but I’d probably start by contacting Silje Mølnå, who’s the head of customer support … she could pass your question along to the correct person. You could send a message to Support to her attention, I’d expect.


As a general thing , you can make something as a fan made for yourself or give it to someone else , but you can’t sell them to gain money , because it makes sense you dont want someone to take your product and sell and gain money while you watching.

Giving them away to your friends should be ok, but selling them or giving them in large quantity will get you in trouble. Best is to contact SEMC as hazaleyes said and discuss with them all the options (maybe they will aggree for a small % of the profit, who knows).