Can bans be made more soloq friendly

I played VG after a month break and the had to face this in the first few matches I played. I had decayed to T7 bronze so it might be the problem but why do people even make bans like these? Fort and taka are understandable to an extent but alpha bans are useless. Is there any way to make bans soloq friendly? The person in control of the ban has a very important role and people making stupid decisions like this affects the game. Would it be better if bans were based on majority vote?

It’s a nice idea, but you’d end up with 5 random heroes offered, and the game would have to choose one of them at random. I mean, you could make it work, but it’d be complicated. It’s better to at least try to communicate with your allies in the lobby.

alpha bans are DEFINITELY justifiable. unlike taka, alpha in both paths is still strong in the right hands. taka just flips over and plays dead till he actually does die

also, majority votes are a bad idea especially if youre paired with a trio. the trio will aleays be the majority.


Key word right hands how many right hands do low tiers have? Most right hands are smurf accounts

Lol. I TREASURE the moment I get to pick bans. lol. 1 in 5 chance and it gets dodged because i don’t ban Taka and alpha.

-.- I have no words.

i learnt that I just need to ban Taka, fort, alpha in order for the game to actually start

Don’t you just love SEA. :smiley:


I run into the issue of dodgers if alpha isn’t banned they will even wait until swap hero phase to dodge too, but than again for some reason when i ban celeste people think wp midlane is a good idea

People who ban Alpha probably don’t read patch notes

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I could understand if any of the alphas in lower tier were good but most can’t utilize the ult properly i once saw a grump and alpha team up and do things right

From my experience, Alpha and Rona is kinda bad rn but lets see

Most in my experience are too the amazing combo of grump ult and alpha ult was total shock in one brawl mode

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