Camera and you

Alright, I was a little late to the whole 5vs5 craze, but now that I had the chance to play a number of matches, I’ve got to say my performance compared to the old map is bad.

I think much of it may be related to the camera, which seems… wobbly. I can’t get stutterstepping right due to it, and with everything being smaller, I mistap a lot.

Does anyone else feel similar? Is the camera movement really off? Because right now, playing on a 5 inch screen seems fairly difficult.

yeh playing on a tiny screen is really hard. there’s already another thread about how difficult it is to play on a phone.

From your thread title i assumed you wanted to talk about camera angles in relation to gameplay… i like it on my nice big 10" inch pad.

I did try on my phone as well and also on my 7" inch pad… phone 5v5 feels really off… but i don’t attribute that to the camera. Maybe just the size of the display.


ay i use a 5 inch display (samsung galaxy s4)
it didnt get harder for me, honestly, what IS harder is tapping items for me, because i have muscle memory for the item placement in 3v3, and in both 5v5 and 3v3, the items are in different positions. i sometimes tap outside the map tho which is sad


I’m using Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Once, I tried to have all 6 activatables on my item slots. They were as tiny as Kosha’s death rate in early game.

On topic, it was somewhat wonky at first, but you’ll get used to it. Though my condolescence to phone users. I simply cannot imagine how squished things are in there.