Came back from hiatus, what's the state of the game?

Recently came back from a hiatus and realized queue times in NA for 3v3 ranked were 4-15 minutes. Went on Reddit to ask, got my arse downvoted for saying the d-word, and was told that it was stagnating.

I’ve seen stagnation in MOBAs, and I’ve seen dying in progress.
VG looks like it’s doing the latter, with all these sales, less accessible content to F2P players and the video advertisement rewards.
So, I’m here to get a second opinion.
Do you guys think it’s dying?

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The marketing team needs to practically be replaced. However, the state of the game is improving. Matchmaker is still garbage but improving and wait times are through the roof but that’s nothing they can fix with a playerbase they already shrunk with poor decisions.

I personally believe they have the tools and capability of turning the game around but they are trying to do too much, yet again, by going cross platform. It is a great concept and it’s not half bad if you ignore PC gameplay, but their game is too broken for it to have any success. They need to go and rewrite code and focus on obvious bugs in their game but I doubt they will.

Overall, it’s a mixed bag. The energy has picked up and they’re doing some things right but it still feels like they just went from a freefall to a slow descent, however it’s still dying. Maybe they can keep the momentum and gain some players back but I guess we’ll know by 4.0.


I would advice not going to reddit if you’re looking to have an open conversation about this game or else the white knights will indeed downvote your post to the oblivion.

As for vainglory its seen better days, not much has been done to keep veteran players interrested in the game but its not a dead game by any means. The regular games havent changed much if at all, its still the same experience whether you’re 3v3 or 5v5. Brawl modes on the other hand (blitz and battle royal) are pretty much unplayable for f2p players you will most likely get reckt by overpowered talents. There is going to be a new rotating brawl mode every weekend, those are pretty fun and totally fair for f2p players i would definitely give them a shot.


Not sure what you mean but PC gameplay is not bad at all. Actually I prefer it exception being that I don’t like ADCs.

Thats where Lances broken rare would have saved your butt and your teams holes.

Lance is pretty much the only hero I play when I soloq into blitz for a quest or such.

You pretty much have four seconds of Invincibility with the amount of shield you give

Lance? Not lyra rare?
Hmm I am

I mean to counter Ardens epic talent.

Lyras rare is has no utility

Get into ranked, instalock Magnus, while the game is loading google the best build for you and voila ez win.

We’re getting a bit off topic with the last few posts. Listen, EVERY game EVER created has some levle of imbalance or imperfection. The state of Vainglory is this:

It’s still the best mobile MOBA ever. That’s my opinion as someone who has been playing MOBAs for almost 15 years.

I’m not sure when people are searching for games, but I find games in less than 2 minutes all the time when playing post 6pm EST. The ranking system is my biggest complaint, as we’ve discussed in other threads. To put it briefly: you can win 30% of your games and make it to tier 10… not sure that’s what we’re looking for (ideally, in my opinion, 30-40% win = T6&U, 40-50% win = T7-9, 50+% win = T9-10).

I think the game is a lot of fun. Some cool developments in the most recent update. I hope you give it a shot and put up with trollers (which again, every game has) as you try to link up with old or new friends to make the game even more fun than it already is.

Enjoy being back out on halcyon fold and on sovereign’s rise!

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I’m starting to see why Epic games canceled Paragon. Mobas are just festering grounds for toxicity because they force players to work together and play well and they’re really not fun if you don’t. Not even shooters feel so weighted down with team success. The state of the game? Junglers just jungling all game ignoring lanes, everyone fighting over buffs, everyone thinks their super pro, everybody rushing to get kills and ignoring objectives. I think I’m going to end up quitting for real. Not all of this is SEMC’s fault but damn did they sap the life outta this game with the changes they made. They’re fixing things as others have said but it’s not even semc anymore like, it’s just hard to get a good game. So hard.

Edit: I have to say, it’s still the best mobile moba ever.

Once upon a time, VG had its charm. I wonder when it will come back. But the question is, will it ever? :frowning:

I’m half kidding. The game is still fun for me, but only when I play with friends. The main problems of the game IMO are outisde the game itself. SEMC hasn’t done a whole lot besides “instant resume” while you were gone. The out-of-game experience hasn’t improved that much in terms of guilds. The UI is debatably worse aesthetically (but more functional and organized for sure). Monetization is atrocious. Grinding seems pointless because RNG. Post-season rewards are worse (free battepass? More like, battle-ass amyryt).


Don’t know how you feel about it or others but for me the gameplay itself is much more fun this patch. Last season I barely played, like 1 or 2 weeks and not much while I’ve been playing really A LOT for 3 years until then. But now I’m playing again. Still has many problems though but just much more fun for me personally than last season.

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I see.
You are a man of taste as well >:3

Gameplay is better but jeez do a lot of players suck. Trolling is rampant and the biggest trolls are just people who can’t take a hint that this ISN’T a solo game. Jeez people stop trying to one trick ffs.