Cam bug or what?

Hello, I have a problem and I would like to resolve it.

I usually play with the cam unlocked. After the last update, when I move the view keeping my finger and scrolling on the screen, the cam returns at its previous position before moving naturally, as if it were lagging. This happens every time I press my finger on the screen, so during intense actions this “lag” literally prevents me from moving where I want to.

Let me know if you have the same problem and thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I am having a problem with
Ingame cam
My device is
iPhone SE
My operating system is
iOS v 10.3.3

I will preface this by saying it’s not constructive to answering your problem but…you play with it…unlocked? What benefits do you find in this?


It’s happening on Android as well. I’ve seen it reported on the official Discord bug reports, so if SEMC reads them they are aware and hopefully working on it.

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Imo is more useful to unlock the cam in order to have a good map awareness, even when your pg isn’t at the center of the screen, in fact, i never tap on the minimap, unless i have to check the lanes when i’m in base.
It prevents you being ganked by enemy jungler and makes the single target skill cast easier as a support.
Furthermore i play with the cam unlocked in other mobas and i feel more comfortable with my playstyle. The difference between this “update” and the previous ones is evident and forced me to change my playstyle because of a “bug”, and i don’t think it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:

I have to try this. It feels like a pain just from the jump but I’m willing to explore the merits.

it’s how you make use of Lyra’s level 3 portal :wink:

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