Buy the Battle Pass with Summer Chest and Key Ice

Sold my chest and four keys.

Gained about 1300 ice.

Bought late Battle Pass (I told myself I wouldnt use real money on this game until I saw it headed in the right direction)

Got every reward.

Got White and Orange Rainbow Skaarf

Got some of the Final Summer Event quests

Got 1430 ice back. (Including 5 ice from daily free thingy.

Pretty amazing if I must say.

Didnt get Red Rona tho from the 6 Blueprint chest tho ;-;

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I… can’t remember what I got :frowning:
I haven’t spent the epic key tho.

Battle Pass is awesome. I bought the one-time offer to get the 1200 to buy it. Totally worth it and got all the Ice I spent on it.

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Yah, the Battle Pass is actually the best thing they’ve done in the last year, imo.

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And they spilt water on it by adding buying of sunlight levels hence ruining the sole purpose of making the BP.

Yeah, the selling of sunlight is ridiculous.