Burn, Baby, Burn! Skaarf's Ult in 3.8

as most of the heroes, skaarf was designed with 3vs3 in mind and halcyon map. Lot of heroes doesn’t work as intended in 5vs5 and the sovereign map.


My point was his ult currently is bad in both modes but it was designed to be good for AoE. When the numbers are good it’s a viable AoE ability. While Malene was designed to not be AoE based hero.

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I remember the times where when skaarf started to charge his ult it was like: everybody for himself - RUNN! :sweat_smile:


Ahh, the good old days. That sentence actually gave me a nostalgic feeling.


Its not even a horrible ultimate for his kit.

What makes it bad is its LONG charge up time.

A recent trend with the newer heros is that they have some sort of high mobility which is strong against Dragon Breath.
Its so easy to run right out of it before he starts breathing fire one everyone.

New Heros that counter or completely disregard Dragon's Breath

Kensei: Four dashes and a stun.
Kinetic: A dash and stun.
Malene: Root, invulnerability (B) and movement boost.
Anka: Invulnerability, teleport, and MS boost.
Silvernail: Slow, stun, and displacement CC.
Inara: Slow, two dashes, MS boost.

The ability has showed that it’s game changing ability with its high damage, HUGE shield penetration, and in a AoE cone.

A fix for this would be a slightly lower charge up time which would dramatically change his tier rn or a stronger slowing effect on his charge up slowing cone thingy.

Of course it would need lower damage to compensate for that large buff or increase its cooldown.

What do you think @HipsterSkaarf (assuming that you play Skaarf alot cuz of your name)?

Edit: another reason why its so bad is because of how easy it is to cancel it by stunning him in 5v5. Maybe he shouldn’t be able to be stun if he completely charges it up and then breathes.

Yeah his ultimate needs a quicker cast, I’ve been saying this day 1 of playing this game back in April 2015.

How long have you been playing? Not sure exactly but around 2 years ago when he ulted for a while he wasn’t a baby dragon but an elder one. You just couldn’t survive it.


Yes I literally just stated I have been playing VG since 2015. I’ve been playing since Android beta. Skaarf’s ultimate has never been fearsome literally the update after his release his ultimate was buffed to have piercing because it did such little damage. His ultimate was only nerfed twice damage wise and that was when support Skaarf was OP and SEMC were just blindly nerfing everything about him. After the initial damage buff then damage nerf his ultimate was then buffed three time for better defense and two times damage wise and also had a quality of life buff. His ultimate has literally never been OP and maxing his A and B have been the standard since the beginning of his release. You can go check the patch notes yourself.

Maybe Skaarf’s ultimate was terrifying when he was support Skaarf but even if the case people were building defense and attack speed to take advantage of his AA damage that took away a % of max health, so no one ever used his ultimate. And the most damage his ultimate ever had was when he support Skaarf. So like I said Skaarf’s ultimate was never a powerful, or at least never used when powerful which lasted 1 month lol.

Yes. I’ve been saying this for a while now. All these heroes are way too mobile. It just ruins some of the older heroes on its own just because they can’t keep up.


I didn’t see you already said that. Anyway his ult actually was the highest damage of his kit at some points. I don’t think anybody said it was OP. What we said is when he ulted people had to run away or get in his face so he can not use the AoE. Not sure about patches but I think it was in the year when Armada won worlds.


Yeah, this is true. At times, Skaarf’s ultimate was really, really terrifying - in points after 1.4, which wasn’t one of those times, if I’m remembering right. There was even a recent patch where his ult was tuned quite high… I want to say 3.3, or 3.4? The patch after the one where Goop ignite hit like a ton of bricks. It wasn’t as destructive as it’s been in the past, but it was still a big teamfight changer when used properly.

I think part of the issue with Skaarf’s ult is that people want to use it as a personal weapon, when it’s really something of a team-wide thing that blends damage and CC. The long channel time (which I like) and cast time requires good forethought, good positioning, and good situational awareness. I think people want to think of it like Celeste’s ult - a big AoE ability turning the tide of battle with threat of damage - but Skaarf’s is more nuanced than that. There’s more stages to it, from enemy initial positioning, the push/pull of forcing enemy retreat, predicting the new position changes, etc, rather than just a “Catch!”


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Exactly, it’s a great tool to divide the enemy team, for example you chase 1-2 of them off while your team of 4 deals with the rest + most cases if casted correctly you deal some dmg to the fleeing 1-2 key players. This is how it works nowdays.

Old days

skaarf charges ult


“Oh wait, spitfire does more damage than his ult.”

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Skaarf ulting is like him calling out people to stun him.

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