Buff-worthy and nerf-worthy things

I’ve played lots of ranked lately so here are some balance wishes in next update:
-Heroes that should be nerfed:
Kensei, Reza, Kestrel (her early game), Phinn, Kinetic
-Heroes need buff:
Lance, Skye, Alpha, Rona, Joule, Flicker, Churnwalker
-Items that need nerf:
Capacitor Plate, Spellfire
-Items that need buff:
Minion candy, Eve, Bonesaw, Nullwave.

This is pure personal bias :grinning:

In the nerf side I would have put Malene and Lyra too… agree in the rest but reza, I don’t feel like he needs a nerf.


Lance and Skye both feel fine and even strong.

I like how you skipped Lyra and Malene and CP Vox 3v3 priority ban…

Rona could use a buff for real.

I think they should lower minion candy to 50 for first purchase so that you can pick it up from the get go. 5v5 lacks consumables.

Malene and lyra is fine where it is…
Malene is already tune down 3 times and if you still think she needs a nerf… she doesn’t. She is perfectly balance.

Lyra is perfectly balance too after bulwark and sigil nerf.


No they aren’t. You just can’t stand them being nerfed any further which I get from a player perspective.

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I really believe Lyra is balanced ever since the burst heal ratio nerf (50%->30%). Unless I’m playing with people I have played with before frequently, I find it very frustrating to play her. Syngergy with teammates is SOOOO important now that you can’t just pop Sigil immediately. PLUS, with everyone getting SF and/or PS every game, it hurts her even more.

Her heal is still pretty strong IF and ONLY IF you land it right, and that can be a challenge in a non-coordinated, late-game teamfight.


But you play 3v3 while I guess he plays 5v5. In 5v5 Malene’s okay and Reza is pretty strong. It’s just really hard to balance both, don’t see how it would be possible with some heroes.

For Malene I think best change for her would be nerf her early game and buff her dmg scaling in late game so she would stop being a bully early but a potato in terms of carrying. Lowering her dark B duration/ light B duration would be good to make her less slippery.

For Lyra I think nerfing Capacitor Plate would make her balanced. She’s not a priortized pick anymore.

CP Vox is not so impressive in 5v5 tho.

Lance basically got nothing from 3 new items, Pulseweave is generally a bad item and Lance cant proc Rock Decree’s passive naturally like Grace Ardan Cath. Echo being remove hurts him even more

Skye (CP particularly) doesnt fit in any position in 5v5. Her dmg doesnt feel rewarded for a high skill cap hero and her main dmg skill is easily bodyblocked. WP Skye bot lane needs A LOT OF gold to shine when Vox or Gwen just need 2 items and they aalready deal lots of dmg. One more thing is that WP Skye is not good since she has nothing to enhance her basic attack dmg like every other WP carry.


Lance is a bot laner/WP jungler.

Captain Lance is a joke I agree.

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Lyra still heals too much and offers a lot of utility, more than any other, this while also being a lane bully.
Malene is just too stacked, and she may be balanced in 5v5, but in 3v3 she is stupidly op in the early game while having a good late game.

CP Vox in 3v3 is broken, ~79% win rate in VG.

Adagio is a better healer but he is very immobile compared to Lyra…

And doesn’t offer as much utility.

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Phinn is perfectly balanced. If anything, an item would have to be nerfed tbh like Plate as you said.

Also buff the “?” ping pls


Plate passive should be: Your heals and barriers will be less affected by Mortal Wound by 20%

Joke no, but defo buff worthy… + I love captain lance, but don’t pick him at all, so that should speak a lot. No benefit from new items, the oposite - the healing meta nulls his dmg output(when enhanced only with 1/2 dmg items as it’s captain) that is part of his indentity. While you face a team with a captain that synergies with the new items well. Well - no, even if we win,it will be harder that it should. If similar in skill - gg.

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Sadly as even niv said - the balance is around 5vs5. Atleast for now, till they solve tech problems that block the way for diff balance for diff modes. :confused:

Reason why i will continue spamming CP Vox to VG Gold (like it used to be in the past).

Lance should get a Tony Style Buff. A nerf to his root and adding a wp ratio to it. Or make CP Scaling a real thing instead of a joke on Lance.

Lance is just an inferior Grace even though they are both Paladin protectors.

Grace>Lance like Lyra>Adagio as a captain that is.

they should buff wp grace back, shouldn’t they?

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