Broken Myth has released Tony’s full kit

He is gonna be strong. Shutting down a CP hero or group of heroes with a 1.8 sec taunt is going to be strong. He has a 302 barrier every 6.5 sec. He can breakup a dive comp with Ult.

Slight correction, its 0.8 seconds for taunt and 1.2 on overdrive.

He is gonna be a tough customer for sure. Super stoked to give him a try!

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"Trash Talk:

The duration is further increased with weapon power up to a cap of 1.8 seconds with 300 weapon power."

So a WP build can go beyond the 1.2s listed for his overdrive.

I’m loving the WP on his A ability… and the CP ratio in his ULT…

this is going to be a flex hero… WP Carry / Jungler or Captain… I wonder if there’s a secret CP build to further boost the CD of his perk :thinking:

His B resets his PERK… meaning he can A A A (stun)… then tank some damage… use B, reset his Perk and Tank some more damage… then Auto Attack more…

His ULT has a wind up animation, possibly easily canceled… so i expect it to be a initiator from a distance, rather than a gap closer in a middle of a fight . . . . He’s got his Jawbreaker (A) for that, which doesn’t state the range, but the bonus move speed should really help chase down any fleeting enemies

This is going to some interesting Plays with his perk and all 3 gap closing abilities - A targets enemies, B pulls, ULT rushes forward.

Bring it on :star_struck:


i think wp botlane would definitely be his best role because of his expensive build (or wp jungler that ganks a lot), imo Ssw BP SM Def Def boots (wt imo) to get more frequent taunts (at 1.35 you have a 10.37cd on B) and still get high value off the wp ratio of the taunt (255 wp, if bp stacks ccount 5 stacks get you max)

for captain, i think FoR cruci atlas wt superscout AS (or cw if that works with his A, i dont think so though) to lower cooldowns and still be able to be bulky but i think wp is better.

ult can be used for peeling or breaking the enemy backline, taunt will easily break mages, i’m very excited for a new addition to grumpy’s little gang!!!

Overdrive B and C for sure.
Weapon powered captain, much like Grace has CP utility scaling this guy has WP utility scaling.

He looks like a great hero who will offer captain like utility even when building like a weapon carry.

I see no reason to overdrive A ever only a 30%WP ratio overdrive grants 30 more damage…