Breaking point

So a strange question- as more wp carries now deal AoE, and fights in 5v5 are usually short and intense, would the old breaking point be more balanced/ consistent than the new one?
For any newer players, old bp stacked in a similar way to dragons eye and offered 5/10 wp (ranged/ melee), 5% crit chance and 5% crit damage per stack, up to 20 stacks, it was broken ofc and in 3v3 where overall damage is lower it was easy to build tanky and find yourself sitting on 600 damage per hit as a tank, but surviving and basic attacking for 20 seconds in 5v5 isn’t a thing that happens

This is why they need to balance everything seperately between 3v3 and 5v5… otherwise conversations like this will be very common…

I find myself buying Tornado Trigger in place of Breaking Point these days, for the crit and speed.

balancing for both modes is just … sighspeechless

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