Brawl mode Talent revamp system

So as everyone here knows that the Talent system in VG is a complete P2W piece of garbage, I want to revamp them so that they won’t be bad. Let’s get started.
2 words here will solve the problem: Hero Mastery. Once you play with a hero, you gain Mastery Points. Gain enough Mastery Points and you will level up a hero, getting a Talent and Talent upgrades.

It really isn’t that bad most games I play are brawl and I have spent nothing on vg


I agree with this.

I have very few leveled talents (excess glory to upgrade, only aquired through free chests) and I am still able to hover between 2000-2200 blitz elo.

Honestly this hate on for talents is a little much. Just play standard if you don’t like them. I seriously doubt they are going anywhere or getting any kind of revamp.


They also give vetrans a use for glory once they have all the characters. Yeah it is a little pay to win but it is very easy to aquire them free. It rewards paying players and loyal players


But what about non-P2W dudes like me? Glory takes ages to grind and 1 talent costs thousands of Glory. Sure.

If I played heavy I can grind 1k glory in a week. Play characters you want get the 5 char rewards constantly and you will have more talents than you want. Sure the legendary and epics take a bit more grind but even without them you can win matches which is partially the reason behind blitz rank. So they can separate mega whales from those who aren’t mega whales

Problem is that there are people who love the game but can’t play on a regular basis (who is me btw).

Can you play 5 games a week? If so you have 5 talents each week coming to you

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No I’ll have like 2 talent coins for each heroes’ Rare talents that each needs like 100 coins to upgrade.

2? Only time I have got 2 is when a legendary dropped

That’s really lucky. I only get Rare and Rare only.