[Brawl Ideas] Now become a rotation game mode

We all know that where there is people, there is religion.
Religions may differ, religions may be dogma, but some of them are real.
And when the time comes, when the world nearly comes to the end, the gods and goddesses are back.

“Start from today, the gods and goddesses will participate in Halcyon Fold in turn. The heroes on the Halcyon Fold has peaked their interests, so they decided to give them a visit. Each month will have a different god, and they will bring different advantages along with disadvantages for both team.” - BlueLycan.

JANUARY: Hawk - God of Vision: everyone hiding in bushes now will be revealed. This won’t affect invisible abilities.
FEBRUARY: Indarra - Goddess of Strength: everyone will receive bonus attack speed and cooldown reduction at the start of the game.
MARCH: Galdur - God of Magic: everyone will receive bonus flat amount on abilities. For heroes who not benefits from this (like Vox), increase base damage instead.
APRIL: Themelor - Goddess of Courage: everyone will receive 10% base stats.
MAY: Haize - God of the Agility: everyone will receive 25% movement speed when going towards enemy base.
JUNE: Mier - Goddess of Peace: everyone will receive 20% damage reduction from all sources.
JULY: Sota - Goddess of War: damage dealt by everybody will be amplified by 25%.
AUGUST: Sangi - God of Hybrid: damage dealt will be split in half, half will deal CP damage and other half will deal WP damage. Increase damage dealt by 10% for both team.
SEPTEMBER: Hargitsi - Goddess of Brutality: turret deal less 40% damage and receive 25% more damage.
OCTOBER: Vyber - Goddess of Fate: the month will be split to 8 periods, each will last for half of the week. Each period will have a set of heroes players can use in Brawl Mode (if Battle Royale, even you have all heroes it only random for you one hero from the set). Because of this, even players don’t have the hero they can still use it.
NOVEMBER: Marharbi - God of Farsight: increase range of basic attack and all abilities by 2.
DECEMBER: Yara - Goddess of The End: cooldown reduction for all heroes will increase by 75% and capped, and attack speed of all heroes will increase by 100%. THIS IS GODDESS OF URF.

So, in conclusion, each month will have unique features to Brawl Mode. And people won’t play Brawl in June. I know it will limit the heroes selection and making the balance will become more troubling, but hey, if a hero is weak in one month, they can be strong again in another month so it’s a win-win.

I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer (although in all respects, I am), but gods and goddesses are territory that the VG lore strays away from. I don’t remember when, but a developer stated that although an in lore religion like belief exists in the lore canonically, the lore avoids discussing it too much as not to either confirm or unconfirm if it is real or not.

And before it’s pointed out, Seraphims like Adagio aren’t gods, they’re Seraphim.
It’s different I think. They’re just another creature in the world of VG, but they’re just very powerful, therefore are ‘god-like’.

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Well I didn’t know about that.
But these are just my ideas. Anyone (even dev from other games) can use it and if the dev wants to use it, they can change god and goddess stuff into other things, like weather forcast or stuff.

It is one of the things I really like about VG. No false gods etc…