Brawl and deserter label system

So for the past month or so, I’ve been strictly playing brawl to finish up my daily quests quickly, and the one thing I notice is the significant amount of high level talent players, which gets annoying because when all you want to do is get a nice fair game done, people go and straight up fist you with their Lv 10 Heavy Hitter on Ardan, or pummel you with 80% triple shot rockets on Baron, and really, I may or may not be the first to say this but talents are really breaking the fun, because when everything is so overpowered, people who choose to play without talents on some matches like me just suffer. Before talents rolled around, battle royale was my go-to training ground for the lane, and blitz really added that kick to VG gameplay, but now all i see are people who just slap on their p2w stuff and play, whilst taunting as if its their skill that brought them their victory when really, they could barely do anything without their ‘talents’. This had been brought up many, many times in the past, but it wasn’t as severe just because there weren’t as many people who played with Lv 10+ Rares or Lv 4+ Epics, so the effects were not as rough. Now, I brought this up with the deserter label system in the title because, whether by my own inability or otherwise, I am unable to counter things like tony + kestrel + gwen, with kestrel having epic talent and gwen with rare, and it’s dampening my gameplay by a far greater margin as compared to these people who just spam A. What this has resulted in is probably a greater number of downvotes based on my kda and my decision-making that doesn’t work out because of that bit of hp I can’t finish off due to some barrier talent. I say this because, I had one SINGLE match, where I had to answer a call (I don’t turn on Do Not Disturb as I don’t often receive calls), and got labeled deserter, and got this along with it

And now this bring me to the next part of this thread, changes that should be made to the AFK detection system. I’m not sure whether the SEMC developers are going to add in a net to catch reconnectors and put them back with a ‘clean’ status (no negative labels) because it has been brought up quite a number of times on some platforms I go on, that people who not only reconnect back to the game after either to attend something urgent that suddenly appeared, or from a connection problem that has occured, but also end up carrying his entire team to victory after that fallback where he left, but end up getting ‘deserter’ just because of that one point of time he disconnected.

My own suggestion for talents would be to lower the level cap and refund all glory used to upgrade those talents, with the extra talent coins for those who have maxed out the talent going at 5 or so for each rare, 500 for each epic, and 2500 for each legendary, and cap them at 8, 3 and 1 (or whatever combination of level caps you would deem fit) respectively. If people were to truly use talents for the external element they bring to the game, I don’t believe that the lack of stats would ruin anything, and would instead mean that talents are not a must-pick for every brawl match, because man, I sure would like brawl without talents back, those were the fun days.

As for the deserter label system, my suggestion is lifted from some of the other forumers here, and can be found in the section I left it in : to let reconnectors come back to the game they disconnected from be rid of any deserter labels, if they were to attempt reconnection within 30 seconds.

P.S. : spellfire needs a rework man, make it like mortal wounds can’t trigger again until 1 or 2 seconds has passed please, an ozo match I had yesterday had a flicker with spellfire and it sucked BAD


So your plan is to refund glory to people who bought talents with Ice?

Yeah that’s not going to work.

It has been suggested numerous amounts of times but there is no fix because people have invested way too much money into talents. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe even more.
They can’t refund that because you dislike something…

Talents are here and they aren’t going anywhere…

I guess that is a thing huh, people buying talents with ICE. Maybe what I’m shooting for is a talentless brawl mode, like a ranked blitz that doesn’t have talents, like it used to be, and a ranked br, something or the other. Missed the times when brawl was a test of skill rather than your wallet capacity

@Gatorrex can tell you everything wrong with talents and why they can’t be removed. He is the anti talent advocate who is very much informed on this topic.

They just need to balance talents freaking appropriately and this wouldn’t be an issue. First they were too weak. After the rework & refund they made them somewhat balanced but a bit strong. Since then they’ve gotten progressively more excessive, or maybe they always were since the rework and it’s just more apparent now that more people have reached the higher levels. SEMC seems to have a general disconnect with finding sweet spots in their game, and it’s a shame because if they could only not be exceedingly overwhelming or massively underwhelming like they were, talents would still be fun to play with. Actually that same sentiment goes for a lot of things in the game in general. I know it’s difficult to find said sweet spots but at this point, with all the data and commentary, we should be a little bit closer to an enjoyable experience that still makes money, or even better, an experience so enjoyable and smartly made that people have to spend money on certain things but it’s all so good that they want to.

As for the deserter system, it does seem to be a bit more sensitive after the patch, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing. If there was a change to it, I chalk that up to all the complaints about toxicity, which I firmly believe needs to be handled very tenderly because there is ALWAYS going to be some toxicity or trolling, but I’ve experienced bans for leaving just one or two games due to a call or similar issue myself recently, with heavy penalties right out of the gate. That might be for many different reasons, but it is seeming like you get banned with way less warnings recently.

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I opened the app yesterday to max matches with LPQ. No idea when THAT happened, as I haven’t played in weeks, but I think it was after a warning for toxicity in Brawl? I do the same thing, only play Brawl modes (though it’s just because long game time is inconvenient for me) so I imagine I get a lot of downvotes similar to you. It’s kind of BS… I wish they had a better system for detecting salty players vs actual toxicity.