#bragging win after not playing for a while

Matchmaking was okay and I smashed after being called a noob for my draft picks lol.

Having fun again.


Called a noob for picking lyra? lol

For banning celeste and Malene while picking Lyra yes. I had first pick. I left Alpha open and they fell for it. No deaths because of bulwarks lol. #can’t-dive-me


@cha0z also a prime example of no armour on a captain. Despite having the best people in the enemy team be WP…

Armour offers too little…

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Spellfire would be better than SG imo

I actually build spellfire a lot on captains but in this case the enemy did not sustain at all in fights even though SF triggers with BW

If you banned celeste and malene when you were first pick, yes you are a noob.

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This type of post is for Reddit.

No Reddit is for flocks of sheep following a troll

Sooo if you’ve got first pick I’d agree banning Celeste is a waste (less so Malene as she’s not as good as people think in the majority of people’s hands), your enemy will almost always ban her (they should if they’ve got a brain).

As for armour is nearly always a waste in lyra, she shouldn’t be front lining so won’t have a need for an atlas etc, far better to stack HP and cooldown IMO.

Ps - would recommend a CW on lyra, having that B up and to a lesssr extent the A regularly will make peeling for your team so much easier.

That was my final item I was working toward CW.

Called a noob for picking Lyra ? what kind of drugs your teammates on


Whatever it was ask them to share sounds like an intense trip

probably not for picking lyra, but for banning malene + celeste firstpick

Nope I banned both malene and celeste and took Lyra.

Just had someone dodge me for banning malene and kestrel and picking Celeste as first pick.

Dodgers should get an hour long ban. Now a 12 min que due to dodgers…

Everyone has a superior opinion and decides that other people are noobs…