BR dream team


That’s almost an insta-win. They probably would have won too, except my team had pretty good CC, and for the most part kept them from getting a chance to snowball early on.


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this is my dream br team

celeste with rare + kestrel with epic+any dedicated support(preferably flicker)

is brutal

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it really depends on what talents each hero has.

My dream team is CP Baron’s ledgendary. Celeste Rare. Kestrel anything, they’re all good.

Very close 4th is Saw’s epic. Skaarf Rare.

For Captain, Any competent Lance over any other captain.

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CP Baron with legendary talent is the new poopstrat, get SG CW echo BM and drop turrets with your ult lol. One game we had taken down their choke point turret, then I took the two base turrets from the comfort of my healing platform lmao

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