Bounties are brokena


Just had a game in which enemy bf had 16k gold while everybody else had 9k. He was full build while we struggled to get third item. He was unkillable and totally snowballed the game.

This isnt first time. Once it happened with enemy samuel. He had 20k while everybody was under 10k.

So frustrating. Yes snowballs were hard to do before and it should have been changed but this is ridicoulous( possible typo).

Semc needs to tune the hero bounty system.

This was casual by the way.
Edit: forgot to mention he killed saw 3 times early game and went from there.


But that means he’s getting like 20 gold from the kills. Bounty is on him not you. If you killed him you would have gotten 1000.


His teammates were not that good. We would kill them but die by him coulke of times. Some teammates were being caught out of position. Once he had items advantage he could 1v2. And he was skilled.

My ign is Kytril. You can look up last match. He fairly won but such gigantic gold difference for me is unreal.


Yeah I got it. My point is bounties aren’t that high if he’s destroying you. If someone is being behind enough bounties literally drop to 20-25 gold. More useless than a minion. And they cap at 1000 so he should have had 1000 bounty on his head.


I agrree. But this guy bought poison shiv in 6:30 and then sorrowblade at 8:00 min mark. He did it because of bounties not farming. His gold at the end was 20k. I accept we werent good enough but sometimes these bounties snowball matches beyond reasonable amount.


This doesn’t actually have anything to do with bounties being broken unless your team was actually doing well against him. As @Bobmax stated, if he’s doing well bounty is on him, giving your team an opportunity to come back. He was just too good and snowballed too hard on you guys. Now if you guys were doing good and he came and killed you all, got bounties on you, and swung the fight for gold drastically in that moment alone, it would be different. Unless I misunderstand the bounty system.


Often i would get two kills before bf would attack us and kill me. Same for my teammates. How do you explain 20000g with 106cs while his teammates have half his gold? One expensive item in 2 min?

When somebody feeds(3 ealry deaths) its not unusual to see enemy laner at least 1k advantage. It was less pronounxed before.


Ah I see what you mean. Well yeah then I’m not sure how the bounty system scales, but if it’s giving massive amounts of gold to the person that kills you after you’ve only gone on a small win streak then I can see that being possible. Gotta look it up. Someone else might know more specifics where those numbers are concerned atm.

Edit: Though I will add that it is possible that if it does give high gold to bounties on smaller win streaks, it might be because with more skilled players, like in higher tiers I guess, people don’t get big win streaks aa much as in low tiers, so those smaller win streaks count for more. Doesn’t make it right, but that might explain it, but again talking out of my butt because I don’t know the numbers offhand, but in that case I could see one team wipe against a good team, especially by one player, giving them way too much gold advantage.


106cs in 19minutes match is not unusual. it’s not because bounty, i think.


This, the bounty works mostly for the team behind and it especially won’t work if one player is “feeding” / killed time after time, the bf would literally get 50 gold from the 3rd in a row kill.

@Impol if player is killed time after time his bounty is lowering fast. Big bounty is only on heroes that get a lot of kills. Most likely the bf was good player that didn’t play serious or just lucky. Generally atleast in high tier, the bounty changes are preventing/making harder to snowball hard. The only change in that regard I would like to see is a revert to the vain crystal defences and how it worked - was unique and it was a lot harder to drop down vs now, especially with some heroes.


You admit he was good+better than you and then you comment on exact part of the game? Most likely he would had destroy you without bounty at all and from the game stats I can see how their team lorelai got 15k gold. So not all of you was at below 10k gold.

This is a casual game without a strict match making. Don’t be fast on conclusions from one-few casual games. Also and again, if one team got a lot of kills on the other, most of the gold will come from CS and objectives. Big gold differences are something I observe from 3vs3 times and don’t show anything really, it’s normal flow when one team is beating the other with larger margin and not exception to have a “pumped” one or two players in the dominating team.


I agree that bounties are kind of insane lol. One game we were snowballing hard, 7k lead fairly early, then we lost a teamfight around ghostwing and got aced. 3k gold behind :slight_smile:


This is the point, otherwise that lost team fight would had mean absolutely nothing and you would not be punished for losing it = steamrolled till the end of the game like it didn’t happen at all. While now you were still ahead + if better team - you would win the next fights anyway even with equal items power.


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