Bouncy swiping when shopping

Ok, this ain’t new, and it’s only started to annoy me recently in sweaty games where I spend too much time trying to scroll down without the damn thing bouncing up, not letting me buy my tyrant’s monacle.

Anyway, can someone put it on the list of things to fix at semc hq?


We hear you loud and clear but nah, it will remain that way, would you like some Kraken emojis instead for your sweaty games?


I have that problem too. Heavily reduced my shopping speed
Thank Adagio that we have the quick shop mechanic tho


it’s the quick shop mechanic I’m desperately trying to activate~!!! how are you suppose to activate it when you can’t even click the damn item~!!!

I have had this exact thing happening throughout the entire UI since I installed the game. Luckily I have small, non-sweaty hands so it’s not AS bad as it could be, but it gets SOOO frustrating when I’m trying to click on a completed quest and the damn screen keeps sliding around! It’s annoying that it’s in-game now too though.

Omg someone else finally said something. I’ve contacted SEMC about this multiple times to no avail. The worst part is when it randomly starts bouncing back and forth and you have to straighten it to buy anything (especially on the infusions page it spazzes out and I can waste whole minutes of game time just trying to straighten it so I can buy my damn infusion)


Now all we need is the ability to set the next item we want as quickbuy…

You know you can already do that, right? Just tap the item you want to quick buy next before closing the shop.

How? For the love of God how!!!

Seriously why is this not common knowledge???

It’s definitely not obvious that it works that way, but it does. I use it literally ALL the time.

Just tried it doesn’t work for me…
Standard set items outweigh personal selections…

Weird … are you on Android or iOS?

I just tested it to be sure I’m not crazy:

It even gives you the items in the proper build path, as you’d expect. (The first quick buy item that popped up was Weapon Blade, but I didn’t include that screenshot.)

I’m assuming you have recommended builds turned off …

Turn off recommended builds or use manual builds and you can set your next quick buy. I use that mechanic all the time too like Hazel does


So when setting manual you do have freedom?

Finally! I thought it was my device problem or something stuck on my schreen

Yes you do my dood

Is this 30 chars?

I hate the Auto-pathing of the quick-buy menu.
what i mean is, when selecting a T3 item, there’s 2, tier 2 items to be bought in order to make that T3 item and it NEVER picks the T2 path item i want.

So, i end up manually picking the T2 item that i want, which then cancels my T3 quickbuy and i have to then manually select the T3 item i want to buy AGAIN

buying fountain - builds from lknetic shield and lifespring - I want the lifespring and it offers shield :sweat:

Ikr, I hate that it chooses the cheaper T2 item to build off of. For example when I’m shopping and don’t have enough for a sorrowblade but have it highlighted, but enough for a heavy steel (and therefore a six sins) quick buy will buy six sins instead of heavy steel, and because of that often I either won’t have enough gold for heavy steel or I won’t have room for it so I have to settle for a six sins. :oops:

Also does anyone know if they fixed the bug where if you tap quick buy twice quickly it’ll buy two of the same (see above, cheaper T2) item? I hope they look at it next patch because I have to shop so slowly now.

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I use the quicker recommended builds sometimes for things like BR and Blitz if it’s a hero I’m entirely unfamiliar with (like GJ or BF). It’s so annoying when I’m tapping quickly and it buys something twice because I want to watch the match or get going again. I’ve never had it happen with a custom build though as far as I can remember.