Bouncin' n Rankin' [ Day 3 ]

Anyone remember the various “Road to VG Using only X Hero” threads?

Well, a few days ago I made another account for just messing around because both my accounts are stuck in T9 and I’ve been tilting a bit lately. However, the very first chest I opened - the one you get for entering an email and password - gave me this surprise ( which I don’t actually have on either of my other accounts :sob: )

Well, from there I just knew my new account was destined for greatness. I promptly named it MoosePetal, and it will be climbing it’s way up rank using solely Petal - for now 3v3 because it unlocks first. I’m not saying I will make it to VG because I have yet to do so on any account ( RIP ) but I am saying that I’m hoping it’ll be fun and you all will enjoy it. Or not.

Either way, Petal is so under-picked that I’m not exactly fighting to insta-lock and you can stop reading whenever. Cheers.

Day 1

My first game, I felt like I was cheating or I was still getting some bots in my matches from the beginning stages of a new account. Either way, super quick and rolled down their lane after first jungle invade rotation.

This match was sadly never close. I don’t think I even saw the insta-locked jungle Samuel or Varya until halfway through the match, I was winning the 2v1s of Skaarf / Flicker in the beginning but the Joule hit level 6 when we were all level 4, they all went onto lane, and that’s all she wrote.

Lane again, this time CP. Won my early 2v1 with Grace / Ringo and took the first turret. Methodical walking down the lane with some nice Grumpjaw slows. Taka wasn’t much of a factor but kept Reim busy. Late Kraken waltzed to their vain after a triple kill Ace.

Double jungle match but the Gwen was the star, constantly pushing that lane so that Taka and I fed on enemy jungle and that poor Krul all match. They managed to steal a Kraken and prolong the game but the gold lead was too much and we got the final Kraken.

Pretty quick match. The jungle Blackfeather tried to invade a few times and got shut out. Gwen / Skye easily won the lane. After about 10 minutes, both jungles were ditched completely and we forced our way through lane.

We should have won this one, but Koshka and Adagio invaded my jungle again and again with no help from teammates, despite pings. Our Adagio wanted to get Kraken every time it popped up and it was sniped twice, so there is that. A very drawn out loss.

We were actually losing this until the halfway mark. That Skaarf was zipping through munions and minions like paper and took our first turret in the first five minutes. I had to go WP to avoid all CP, but CP would have been better for this match. Either way, about 10 minutes in I stopped everything and rushed two TT because my munions were doing squat and I simply wasn’t attacking fast enough. I guess it worked as we won two team fights deep in their jungle and got the Kraken to push it home.

Last one of the day and arguably the most annoying. I started 15/0/2, and then I was the focus of every team fight and I disconnected five ( count 'em !! five !!! ) times to the title screen. This was fine I guess because I was able to ult a few times, usually get a kill, and die with my team mates at full health. 27 min match and I spent a lot of time looking at timers. Finally got a late ace, took Kraken, and destroyed the vain before she even made it there.

End of Day 1.
Record. 6 - 2
Total Record. 6 - 2
Beginning ELO. 1104 T4 Silver
Ending ELO. 1251 T5 Bronze

Day 2

So my first game, I tried @Alhunt 's build of SG DE SG BM, but sadly it was too fast of a game. The enemy use of Varya ult, Glaive AB with TB, and Flicker’s slow was difficult to overcome, as they got an early Ace and snowballed us pretty well. I wanted to build a RB but I needed the SH first, since I usually could B from both the AB and Flicker slow, but not the crit and the TB proc.

So my second attempt at @Alhunt 's suggestion yielded much better results and I was doing a ridiculous amount of damage. We snowballed pretty hard, getting two Krakens, but weren’t able to push past choke turret. Finally, the amount of 3v2s caught up to us (with the Krul getting caught in enemy jungle often), as they began focusing the CW and forcing me to 3v1 and defend turrets. Good build though, would use again but only in early game comps.

This match was pretty heartbreaking. We team-fought well, nearly shutting the Celeste down, but the amount of CC was ridiculous. The Tony would ult in, and three heroes with stuns bode terrible for whoever they focused. Tip for Petal users, B is your best friend - all three of the CC in this game are predictable. Jump away, preferably to the top of your screen, as most people go down (Only learned that while learning Lance). Anyway, a late Kraken steal drove it home.

My first win of the day. This was actually a pretty straightforward game. Adagio and I were really aggressive with the Alpha, as the WP Vox (my side) made early game life miserable for the CP Vox, forcing the Lance into the lane. Every team fight we focused the Alpha down, since the CP Vox began the match gold starved. Most of this game was played in the jungle, with a nice Alpha Ace making it take two Krakens to push down the lane.

Terribly boring game after the new update. However, I love the new Petal rework. I was able to bully the Ringo under the turret by sending my munions under without taking any turret damage. Many a munion died but this whole game was played in lane, with both teams ditching the jungle after the third or fourth Ringo death. We lost a turret early, due to me over reaching, but we walked down after that.

This new ult is so fun. This match was all about aggression. I terrorized the Baptiste, staying behind a minion wave and poking, until the Taka would come up. Then all attention was on him - following him so that my munions would continue hitting after stealth. I would even follow him under turret, using my ult and having them run at me, keeping me just alive enough. In the late game, it was really helpful to disengage from the Taka and be able to send the Rona a heal or two. After the first two turrets, the Kraken and a really aggressive comp dove under the choke turret to get an Ace with the help of a beautifully placed Gauntlet, and that was that.

To end the day, I went back to @Alhunt 's suggested build and it was so much fun with the rework. The match was actually closer than it looks, as the CW and Flicker combo was difficult to escape once you were trapped in the slow and chained. Although they lead early, an Ace led to the first Kraken pushing to the Vain turrets. A late game blunder cost us an Ace, but the lack of damage output from the enemy comp meant a long Kraken capture. It was long enough for Gwen to come running up and snipe it. Game over after that, as they chased us around our jungle while Kraken took turrets.

End of Day 2.
Record. 4 - 3
Total Record. 10 - 5
Beginning ELO. 1251 T5 Bronze
Ending ELO. 1293 T5 Bronze

Day 3

I will not be posting any matches today. I had two good matches to begin the day, 1 win and 1 loss, and then every match afterward has featured either an AFK or troll or both (yet somehow didn’t get any AFK forgiveness). In order to not flame and playershame and get this thrown in the Salt Mine, here is just the results.

End of Day 3.
Record. 1 - 5
Total Record. 11 - 10
Beginning ELO. 1293 T5 Bronze
Ending ELO. 1201 T4 Gold


Wow i have never got a hero from any chest lucky

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I loved those threads, please keep doing this!


Good Luck! May Petal bring greatness and glory!


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Wow t5 already…

I’m still in t4 :smile:

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Just so you know a new account takes 10 wins to reach t6 lol. I got to t7 at 33 wins(including casual) :stuck_out_tongue:
Once you improve you can easily climb up!

You do realize that you are what is wrong with the match maker right?

I like threads like these but people who smurf ruin the game for everyone. Your allies get boosted your enemies don’t stand a chance etc etc…


Hey reminds me of my first chest- Cath and Green Sparkler Skaarf :slight_smile:

Yeah… don’t wanna be a party crasher, but smurfing does suck. Unfortunately there is zero measure to prevent it. I can proudly say that i’ve never made a single smurf and will not. There’s only 1 account. and if i " tilt " as OP describes it, i just play casual or private, not unload my salt on noobs.


Same here, good or Bad just one account. Just encountered a smurf and there was no fun to be had.
If you win you don’t gain points. If you lose you lose a ton of points.

There used to be anti smurfing measures…

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Oh really? What was it?

and btw, it’s to the point where it’s absolutely normal thing to do. I don’t judge anyone, but just… nah.

It used to be a bannable offense. Both main and smurf could get banned.

Nice! Good luck on your journey to Vainglorious as a Petal one trick!

I’m pretty sure those first chests are rigged…sigh must be nice to have an SE skin though on the other hand we older players already have a bunch of (hard earned) skins and essence.

Good luck climbing!

@Xaldarian @Dachigenius I mean I wouldn’t say I’m unloading any salt on noobs. I agree that smurfs are generally frowned upon as they seem to take advantage of lower tier players. However, I’ve been super positive and have answered questions with friends I make after matches. In fact, I have already talked more in this smurf PM than either of my other two accounts. Even if that still doesn’t make up for me playing in a lower tier, I will be out of lower tiers soon.

Selfishly, I just miss ranking and watching my VST move, but it just has yet to move from T9 on either of my “real” accounts. Apologies if anyone has an issue with that, but one trick Petal is actually kind of fun. If anyone is a similar rank and feels stuck, feel free to hit me up - I’m on the NA server and you know my IGN.

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Are you thinking of account sharing? I’m not sure bans have ever been a thing for smurfs. The devs use them to test match quality, and most of the highest profile players have been spotted on-stream using alts since as long as I can remember.

As for these kinds of threads… I like them! But only if they avoid shaming low-tier players, which they sometimes can, if the OP isn’t careful. If they’re about something specific, then I think it’s ok, and can be really helpful! In this case, the theme might be, “How 2 Petal Thru the Tiers” where each post reveals something Petal-centric. What made her a good/bad pick for the match, how were the synergies and counters, were there elements of Petal’s kit and playstyle that made the match better or worse, etc. I think as long as the thread is about learning Petal, teaching Petal, and not just wrecking noobs, then it’s in good faith.

I’ve been wanting to play Petal recently, so I’m excited for some good tips!


MoosePetal? is this because you’ve already Done Fortress to death? you unlocked Fortress as well…

OwO PETAL IS THE BEST new skin and buff next update too use those. I think you will be able to get quite far on there because petal has been known to destroy uncoordinated enemies which you are likely to get in solo queue.

What are you going to in games that they ban her though? And have you thought of roam petal? The buffs will make her even more viable.

Also. I will try and do this too, although it seems pretty hard since my highest is t7 gold :sob: btu on malene because uuuuhe i want to get good at her also my leaning is below par ;_; so it will help me improve :star_struck:

I was experimenting with a build a while ago, SG DE SG BM, do you think you could try it out? Very expensive so it requires you to snowball pretty heavily, but it’s very, very strong. Of course if you get shut down early you’ll never get to complete it, it relies on your getting far ahead.

There were actually bans in place, you could report people for smurfing because they were ruining matches. That was ages ago back when SEMC was more strict and more straight forward. Way back before seasons and before LPQ.

I rarely forget stuff, that is kind of my thing.