Bot lane seriously needs a nerf

By virtue of having the super balanced wp buff, bot lane dominates far too often, which is the main reason utility top is a thing at all since the one goal of top lane is NOT to win their lane, but to just not LOSE their lane and it makes top usually a super boring or frustrating role to play since 99% of the time you’re getting double teamed by the bot laner and a jungler, one having the buff in question. A simple fix should just be to change the wp buff altogether because turning every wp hero into a mini Krul without having to wait in a bush is just…not okay…maybe increase healing received because of Book or something, but a weak Krul passive which always stays active is too strong for a jungle buff…like…outside of having the entire team rotate to bot after winning other lanes, when was the last time you saw top lane win…ever?

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Tbh I’m salty that they haven’t made it so healing treats give more exp in the first rotation. It feels kinda unfair that if u invade and take their healer and gold treat you end up being still level 1. While weapon and gold gives level 2. Maybe if they do the first rotation thing games will be less snowbally.

SIDE NOTE: did u like my wp Taka?

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that’s why top and bottom lane need to be a strong laner. Really strong.

My first rotation as a top laner is to take my healing treant. even if i dont’ need it. it’s just too easy to steal and by taking it, you prevent it being stolen. then lay down vision AFTER it respawns by keeping good map awareness.

by constantly farming your healing treant, you’ll survive top and bot lane much, much longer. DO NOT buy into that “oh i’ll take it when i’m low on health” crap. Take it again and again and again, every single time it’s available. even steal it from your jungler if you spot your jungler taking it.

The only time you don’t take it, is if your jungler actually helps you secure a kill, then the jungler deserves the healing treant.

By using this method, even those traditionally squishy carries can become a top or bot laner, as long as you KEEP VISION on the damn healing treant and know how to steal it when it’s being contested.

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LoL has trouble with Top Lane snowballers due to Heroes like Quinn which is like the style Kenetic plays into. They should make stealing the camps on top worth less forcing ganks to other lanes.

Since tanks are current top lane meta it kinda balances out if deal with the constant ganks and pressure, cus its basically the least amount of gold required for your main items for tanks. Top is the least gold hungry lane since a second roam is mainly up there.

Get rid of ambient gold, problem solved

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If they made more items, and brought back the original iron guard contract, then double top wouldnt be a ******* annoying lane to play in.

instead of people not wanting to play roam, in 5v5, people dont want to play top for that reason

Haha top/roam main here lmao…

I can’t stand squishy people taking top…


“We’re not friends” * Anka’s voice*

Just kidding <3

Agree, to pull that off the top carry should be a lot better than the enemy bot and jungler. If he is just a little bit better even than both, it will go super bad for that lane and your team will have a fed enemy bot to deal with (and possibly jungler).

Full tank is the right meta for top with a reason. Yes, it’s not that… fun and dynamic, you can’t go aggressive. You can’t even afford mixing tank with dmg items. The best results I had with full tank. Mostly like adagio as he can still deal dmg even without a single dmg item (even without stormcrown his clear is ok) and can use the ult under turret if the situation is bad to save it till it waits for the captain to rotate. That’s if it rotates. :smiley:

I dont mind top tank meta, makes it easier for roam mains to fill in when ranking since its basically duo roam lul

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CP cath is a monstrous top laner. Build full cd with Pulseweave and some defense and you can outdamage a 4 CP item Celeste.

I have heard good things about CP ardan too but I have yet to see someone pull it off correctly.

Adagio is great but no tank.

The only squishy with a decent shot at top lane is wp Idris because of his safety mechanics…

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I am main support, tho I can play decently into t10b with any role. I end up mostly top/roam tho as this is what happens when you select the “I will fill” position in draft. Top is not super loved position, but still the most undesired role is support actually, like 80% chance to fill there and 20 for top. The other roles are desired to a fighting and insulting state in chat.

Agree, adagio is not a great tank. Ofc when you build a lot of support items he is decently sustained, but he is more aggressive type of dmg dealer(healer). I like to build DE ad BM on him, maybe ofc AC too. The problem is if you go that route in top, you will lose the lane as you can’t go 1vs2 realistically. 1vs1 yeah, but that won’t be the case. Ardan is great on top, rarely lost with him the lane. Cath I admit, didn’t really try her enough at top. Saw her work great tho, but also some players that don’t understand her = disaster. But that can be said for any hero that is not mastered, there is casual for that, but some players just like to learn new (for them) heroes in t10 ranked games.

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Top is the new roam lol. People would rather than roam than go top…

TFW you build all tanks and still end up doing the most dmg :joy:

Top honestly is roam no.2 lol so its helpful for me when climbing

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In the current meta it really is. Nowdays you have two roams and frequently even utility jungler (tony/bat - some form of cc) and two hard carries - middle mage and bot. This is what rolls nowdays in 90% of the games.

CW is insane on her I would switch out stormcrown for AS though. Gives you better damage and scaling.

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wait, so bot liner gets a bonus wp???

No, they have the wp boost treant.