Bored, So I Joined

I give a lot of credit to the mods for starting this forum up. Wasn’t gonna join because UI is a little confusing at first but improvement will be over time I’m sure. Cheers.


Welcome on in, glad to have you here!

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Glad to have you here!

The new interface takes a little getting used to, but I think it’s much better than the old space once you do. Some aspects of this site are still under active development (like some styling and usability issues), but it’s a versatile platform with a lot of great features.

Mainly, this is a space that we very much hope will be community-run. The software itself helps that goal by using trust levels to give users incremental say of what happens here. Build trust and you can do some moderator things like renaming thread titles or moving them to proper subforums or starting your own wiki pages for larger community projects. This space also works like a blend of the old forums and reddit somewhat, in that it highlights newer content by default and has better reporting features.

If you ever have suggestions, just make a post to let everyone know!

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Thanks :blush:

Was never an og forumer in the original forums but…hopefully I can contribute something here.


Just be active honestly, that’s the best way to contribute. The more folks we have around here starting and taking part in discussions, the better.

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