Bob the Explosive Expert (new hero idea) *FINISHED

○Hero kit:
•HP: 687-2139 (+132 HP per level)
•HP regen: 0.3% per second.
•Energy: 235-400 (+15 per level)
•Enegy regen: 1% per second.
•WP: 75-135 (+5.5 per level)
•Attack speed: 100%-127.5% (+2.5% per level)
•Armor: 20-50.
•Range: 5.6m.
•Movement speed: 3.3m/s.
●Perk: Out with a Bang:
•Bob’s damage output is increased by 1.5% and attack speed by 3.75% for every % HP missing and right after he dies, he explodes and deals 500-1875 WP +275% WP (+125 +25% WP per level) damage in a 6m radius.
•Each basic attack from his XM25 grenade launcher also deals 120% WP in a 3.5m radius.
•Deals 50% less splash damage to minions.
●A: Incendiary Incarnate:
•Bob shoots out an incendiary rocket from his M202 FLASH at a chosen location or an enemy, dealing impact damage, slowing any enemies caught within its initial explosion then creating a fire pool, dealing damage-over-time to enemies in its 4m impact radius. Max 4 charges. Restores 4 charges at once.
•CP will increase the range up to a maximum of 12m.
•WP will increase the slow up to a maximum of 45%.
•Cooldown: 0s.
•Recharge time: 10s/10s/9s/9s/8s.
•Energy cost: 35/40/45/50/55.
•Range: 6m/6m/8m/8m/8m+2% CP.
•Impact damage: 100/200/300/400/500 WP +100% WP +150% CP.
•Damage per second: 100/175/250/325/400 CP +150% CP.
•Slow: 10%/10%/10%/10%/15% +15% WP.
•Slow duration: 1.5s.
(Damage-over-time is dealt in ticks every 0.2s)
●B: Semtex Knockout:
•Bob throws a Semtex grenade at a target location, sticking to anything it hits. After a 1.25s fuze, it will explode, dealing damage to anything within its 8m radius while knocking enemies back 2m from the epicenter of the explosion.
•Cooldown: 6s.
•Energy cost: 40/50/60/70/80.
•Range: 7m.
•Damage: 70/140/210/280/350 WP +140% WP +210% CP.
●C: Striker Devastation:
•Aftera 1.5s delay pulling out his Mk47 grenade launcher, gains a large amount of attack speed and range but a movement speed reduction for 4s. Basic attacks also create fire pools like his Incendiary Incarnate ability.
•Cooldown: 90s/75s/60s.
•Energy cost: 135/170/215.
•Basic attack speed increase: 200%/250%/300%.
•Bonus range: 0.4m.
•Movement speed reduction: 15%.
○Appearance: he wears a helmet, military fatique, a kevlar vest with grenade bandeliers on it and wrapped around his arms, camo pants and army boots. His weapons are listed above and here:
-Normal basic attack: XM25 grenade launcher.
-A: M202 FLASH rocket launcher.
-B: Semtex grenades.
-Ult: Mk47 Striker grenade launcher.
○My comments: when you think Baron has enough explosive for the game, think again. Bob the Explosive Expert will bring in more explosive devices than your guy Baron. His WP path promotes in-your-face tactics with some level of tenacity and fiercelessness by putting his perk and ultimate into use while his CP path promotes more of a siege player, besieging enemies from afar with a range of incenidary missiles and grenades. After all, both paths are dangerous and will bring the same level of devastation.

He’s basically Baron on steroids. I love it, 10/10

Actually a CQB Baron on steroids. I still love it.

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Too OP. His A is literally a flaming Skaarf goop the size of Lyra’s Bulwark. His B is a tony Ult without the risk of diving in and missing, and his Ult is SAW perk but with more OP massive Skaarf goop. The numbers (range and radius especially) need tuning down a bit.

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Mmm the range of him is quite short counter the massive damage but for the AOE, I want it to like wider than Baron’s AA but tighter than Skaarf’s B but I don’t have AOE values so I played it by ears