Blueprint drops

This has been my 9th drop that was no dupe.

I am not against this new system at all.

Evo sam
Red Lantern Flicker
Anubis Baptiste
Elite Force Saw
Elite Force Idris
Elite force Baron

All gotten with the new system…

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Lucky you.
The only Legendary skin I’ve got from Quests was T3 Ardan.

3 times.

My essence still awaits spending.


im pretty sure ive only gotten school days koshka. denget.

I legit have 32 bps now lol and ive crafted like 10 skins and definitely got 10+ dups
So around 50bps. Not bad. If you actually finish all quests you can get them. But then i dont have BPs for the skins i want ;-;

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This thread is just making me depressed. :frowning:


Finish all quests…
You will get bps.

Those listed aren’t even my dupes which I have too…

Lucky. Very Lucky.

I only have 43 out of the 137 skins. 5 drops total has been all duplicates. I always finish all quests. all i get is glory and talents.

BP drops are from Sunlight system, and like i said, just duplicates.

I got t3 Celeste from a BP drop which is my only notable BP drop as well as Spoder Kestrel

Well everyone has different luck. I get maybe a blue print every 3 weeks from quest and they’re never anything I want.

I’ve gotten around 15 bp since joining most i have sold for essence since i wanted to craft a few skins and most skins i personally dont care for

Recounting I have gotten 11 non dupe blueprints including varyas, since the new system via blueprints.

yeah, but there are so many dupes or bp that i have no use for at all. i got the vox t3 through a chest i bought, and i got the vox t1 bp twice…

allthough i admit that i have so many skins already (bought and grinded) that i only really want the newer skins for the newer heroes.

i have all krul skins exept the new epic one. i do not need this new skin ever. i can only use one and all of his t3 skins are way better.

i also got the lion king glaive, but i own is 4 other skins…

i think the bp would be better, if they would kinda drop less dupes (depending on how many skins you own, giving someone with all but one skin the bp he wants is slightly counterproductive) and more unowned skins.

and i would like to see an indicator for how likely a skin drop is. an orb getting bigger or brighter etc, acting as a motivator. along with that i want the return of the three taps to get a legendary.

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Sadly if you decrease dupes all your bp will be useless as you don’t get the essence

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Recently i got rare (white fortress) and legendary saw , i crafted the fortress because its an amazing skin , and probably going to destroy saw blue print .

I have school days taka blue print two and thinking about destroying it
I dont know why i get legendary blue prints for heroes i dont play .

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I got two legendary dupes… Better than heroes you Lack…

Lucky…all i’ve gotten is a couple rares and 1 epic.

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Nice. I haven’t even got a legendary yet, but I have gotten a couple of epics and rares. I haven’t gotten any that I want though, so I still have a lot of essence from the cards I used to have.

I dont get anything from the bp drops…

Because i dont care about this season…

But I never miss to know anything from this forum…


From either sunlight level 40-50 or 45- 50 you get 400 essence per sunlight level. So thats like 2000 essence(the latter case) per season provided you actually max the sunlight level


ive only gotten Vox on ice and shcool days lyra. You’re pretty lucky.