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We need this block system stat. I want to player shame this one guy so bad. I pick cp saw in draft, he calls me worthless and says I’m going to get trashed by the enemy celeste, i proceed to pressure her so hard early game that she calls in 2 people for reinforcements. Mind you this guy loses his turret and that’s why reinforcements have a chance to come. He, seemingly salty, deliberately doesn’t help anyone in teamfights, all because he didn’t want to see me do well with a cp saw. That guy single handedly made me want to quit this game. This is the state of vainglory in 2019.


That sort of behavior is absolutely not unique to Vainglory. It’s widespread among multiplayer games, unfortunately. Some games/companies do a better job of discouraging it than others, however. SEMC has always been slow to address toxicity out of concern for losing players. (Many people have pointed out that losing players who behave badly would actually be GOOD for the game, but that point hasn’t gained much traction at SEMC, it seems.)


I don’t understand why trolls topic is off topic in a block list thread ?
They said the last downvoted players going to be blocked , 100% people going to downvote trolls over unskilled players , so the thread is about trolls and they actually as I said circulating the trolls and not getting rid of them , is it a good attempt ?! I don’t see any difference because we talking about the whole game experience not just me , if Iam going to think about me and my vote and not getting that troll again , that selfish , like if enemy team going to get the troll I’ll be as mad as he/she is in my team because it’s a waste of time game anyway .


It’s off topic because this is about blocking players you don’t want to play with. Not banning for toxicity. Yes you would prefer black listing a troll over a noob if the choice is given like that. But if you just play constantly and down vote bad players in enemy team that gave you the win it makes it pretty easy to abuse the system. Right now you literally can’t do anything against trolls. Why are you complaining when they give you a way to not get them?


What is the difference between down voting bad enemy or bad teammate ? , it’s abusing too , if Iam going to downvote my teammates and queue , then enemy going to get them and I get players from enemy , it’s the same .

I think the idea of the system is to circulate players and just give players a fake feelings of justice and positivity .


Because you won’t get them again… When you downvote the 3 trolls you don’t wanna play with you won’t match them again. Why the hell would you complain? It’s literally only positive compared to how it was. You don’t lose anything and you get the ability to remove 3 trolls from your queue. Seriously don’t see your problem.


That is true hazeleyes, but it seems soo…soooo widespread to me in Vainglory nowadays, and I can’t fully, in good conscience, fault semc only any more. From my perspective across a vast number of matches, and I know this may just be my perspective but I see a lot of people having issues with this, it seems like it has grown into a full blown player base mentality. I mean what else can semc do to discourage things like that short of lpqing players or full blown banning them for every little infraction, which isn’t all that healthy either? I mean game after game I am seeing so much toxic play these last couple months. It wasn’t this bad when I first started this game. Hell, it wasn’t this bad even half a year ago. It’s seeming to get more and more consistently worse and more common over time, to me. Maybe it’s just the influx of new players across devices but it’s really hurting at least my personal experience of vainglory. Most of my old friends quit, most of my new friends are still stuck in elo hell. I really do feel confident enough to say it was not so bad as this a year or two ago, for whatever reason.

@LegendaryE I see your point but on the flipside if more people downvote that one player it’s less likely anyone would see them in game as well. Semc only has so many options for dealing with this sort of thing, and they’re giving us a tool to do so. I mean would you rather not have the block list at all? Consider trusting that if a troll is that bad, multiple people will ban them and that will prevent them from getting into your matches either way.


I don’t disagree with your impression. I quite frequently encounter trolls and toxicity as well – and that wasn’t the case in years past. I also agree that at this point, there isn’t a good solution for SEMC to implement; they needed to implement stricter bans/lpq/whatever way back when the game was on its upswing.

Because I’ve been away from the game for several months, I recently created a brand new account that I’ve been playing on a lot: I’m trying to get back some of my mechanical skills and to learn new heroes and builds. It’s obviously a low tier account, but that’s turned out to be a good thing, because it’s way more enjoyable playing down here in VST 0 … there’s no pressure, and I don’t get rage pinged when I make a mistake. Plus, the constant progression of levels and rewards for a new account makes playing frequently very enjoyable. I wonder if SEMC had built a better progression system for higher level accounts, maybe they would have retained some of the veterans who’ve moved on to other games.


Generally the older player base is playing games on the PC and to some extend consoles (PC more so for MOBAs and multiplayer games). Mobile gaming is more for the younger and thus - more immature behaviour is expected. Vainglory at the start was more of a niche, hardcore game. Now the older players left and what we are left with is a younger and smaller player base. Kids are easier to trigger, to insult, to act like they know all, etc.

The chat also doesn’t help to some extend as I should not tell you how many times I see insults nowdays and generally aggressive attitude in it. It was fast to change from “hi!” type to “f off, losers, your mom, etc”. Sad… also it’s nowdays common for other players to tell you what to pick and get salty if you pick other strong pick. The most loving one is when they tell what support should be picked while ofc they all in 1s marked other position and don’t want to play the support. Not polite asking if you may play X hero, directly stating you should or you will lose. :slight_smile:

That’s the obvious first reason that comes to my mind, could be wrong ofc.

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I agree with stricter bans snd it pains me to say that because even stricter bans are kinda toxic. I remember once I got the 8 min lpq for forgetting to accept a match because my phone volume was low and didn’t vibrate. I feel like they don’t take toxic play as seriously as stuff like dodging or afking and I think it’s probably because it’s harder to quantify: you need people reviewing the gameplay and I get the feeling SEMC doesn’t have enough people to do that; most games don’t. I also agree @hazeleyes that the lower ranks have become much more enjoyable than ranking up. It is soo much less toxic at rank 4 or lower than between ranks 5-8 so far. I find it slowly tapers off at rank 9 but that’s so much time spent dealing with bs, whereas in the lower ranks you get people who generally let you do something different, or you get smurfs which are actually good or, on the enemy team, challenging enough to enjoy the match. I think they let boosting get wayy out of control, not to mention all the other things the ball got dropped on. I know SEMC is somewhat trying nowadays but for the first time, and this is coming from someone who tries to be open minded and really critical, I really wonder if Vainglory can come back. The only thing they really have to hold onto is that they have a well designed core game and that is being eroded with every quality of life, balance issue, player attitude issue that is being ignored. Just down to clearly offensive in game names is something I don’t see addressed often. It is getting bad. Glitches existing patch after patch. I mean the new stuff is great but we can’t ignore the negatives. And for all the pushing of talents, they aren’t even balanced? I mean it would only be common sense to match high lvl talent players with other high lvl talent players but it is only based on wins and losses? I don’t want to go on too much of a rant but jeez…I know semc is still getting their money but I’ve lost almost all desire to invest in this game. Every time some new cool thing comes out I want to spend money and then I play an actual match and it’s like…why bother.

@cha0z I don’t know if it’s just my luck, but beyond telling people how to play and saying we already lost at the start, I’ve actually experienced the LEAST toxicity in chat, though again, maybe personal experience. It’s actual gameplay toxicity that is getting to me, and I do agree it might be younger players because I see a CoD mentality in a lot of games nowadays: just kill everybody, ignore objectives, ignore minions, blame your teamates for your deaths until you can’t anymore, it’s becoming so frustrating. People trying their specific strat with their party or by themselves and ignoring what the rest of the team is going through. Not to mention the hell that is trying to go against a coordinated party with all these other issues coming into play. I know I probably sound like a tape recorder on this forum nowadays but it’s every single day, 3 games or 15, where this goes on. 5 out of every 20 games are non-toxic for me and this is an unsustainable experience.

Sorry for the rant, I’m done.


In game is not any better, yesterday I played with trio t10 silvers in my team vs very competent enemy team (read - better 3 silvers in it ahhah). In chat they said - pick kinetic if you want to win, I was filling bot position as they all chose the others and picked WP vox as I just wanted to play vox, I know it’s not the best pick, but still it’s decent. I just typed, hope we don’t lose. Carry me. :smiley: - no aggression after their “noob/we lost type of msg”.

Then I decided to pick the schooldays vox skin as I didn’t play with it from some time and wanted to see how it looked ingame. Boy, oh boy, didn’t that trigger them hard as (as most/all of you know) - if you don’t pick the Vox default skin, you are noob! From there I was harassed from my silver jungler with pings FROM THE START till THE END, was left ALONE at bot all the time and he took as grump all the WP buffs (also in the two times he was at the lane, he stole everything he can), didn’t want to let me take any and I didn’t try to steal to not trigger him even more.

Not only it was not fun game, but the funny thing is I didn’t do that bad, especially given I was alone and harassed all the game.

So yeah, ingame it’s not any better @ the higher tiers.


Good grief. I mean…I want to be positive but every time I hear these stories from the highest ranks and it’s the same in the middle ranks I just wanna go back to rank 1 like…I can’t believe people who have played the game that long are still that toxic. And I agree! You can be doing well with a pick that the team doesn’t like and they ACTUALLY try to sabotage you just because! This is ridiculous!


Mid and low tiers trolls are bad , they troll and lose most of the time , but high tier trolls have the ability to win the game , like in chaoz game they just were annoying him , it happened to me once before I got 2 toxic players 3 times in row , they were taking all the farm and pinging non stop , spamming noob in draft chat , only noob and laughs , but they were good , in one of our games I was intentionally feeding to annoy them , even with me feeding we won , they were high skilled coordinated and do dumb stuff for the laugh probably .