Block List

According to their facebook page, they are now testing block list.
The last 3 players you’ve thumbs-downed will not be put on the same team as you unless your wait time is too long; this will only affect thumbs-downed teammates

So all my life have been a lie. I thumb down trolls and afk, and they are still got matched with me again in my team. Thumb down has been just a way for you to release your anger, since we don’t have the question mark ping anymore.

JK I know deeply that Thumb Down does not do anything. I mean who care about Karma anymore right? It’s funny how now they make a official statement about it. Full of lies.


There’s also the twitter one if people don’t wamt to open Facebook.

Gotta start reporting wisely from now on i guess.

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pretty sure they mentioned it will be last 5 people you thumb down

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This is good but if you playing in weird time you have to be careful while doing it , but the great thing is I can downvote the troll in enemy team to avoid them matching with me next , oh wait only works on teammates , this is useless probably .

How is it useless? If you can block enemies you can just make your game match you only with the bad players.


Oh joy. If only they’d stuck with 5 players…but I’ll take 3 over being matched with the same rude pinging, self defeating yet blaming others ingrate any day. Hopefully they’ll develop it into a fully separate thing so we can still report somewhat toxic players without losing a block.

If Iam going to downvote the good player from enemy team I get high chance of getting his teammates in my team instead of him , so it harming me , but it could benefit me if I downvote the troll and bad players from enemy team .

I lost a lot of games and got tilted but i didn’t downvote any good player from my team or enemy team , I could not rate them at all and just skip but I don’t downvote good players because it’s not right , the game is more fun playing with and against good players .

Umm yes…? That is what I said and that IS the reason it’s disabled lol. Why would you be able to pick your enemies? You fight someone who’s obviously boosted. Downvote for some more freelo. No, should be disabled.

But that means my enemy going to get rid of their troll and Iam going to get that troll next game , tell me that’s not messed up ?! , I want to be able to block the enemy troll who made me win in the first place , this is the main thing I want from blocking people , blocking the troll .

If only you could block teammates you’ve queued with in a dodged draft (before the game actually starts). I don’t want to queue with that Ozo/Petal one trick again.

This. As soon as someone does something dumb in draft I kinda want the ability to block them. Especially those “we already lost” people whose knowledge of the game is meta at best and poorly meta at worst ‘omg let me get magnus or vox’ or ‘omg top has to be wp reza’ or my favorite ‘omg we need capt’ and we go into game and their the one roaming into enemy jungle with no cams pinging their allies to help them while their turret is being railroaded by just 1 enemy. Oh yes. Let’s jungle all game as a bottom laner and lose all our base.

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And it’s more fair if the enemy gets the troll twice in a row? If you want to keep the trolls blocked just don’t down vote anyone else. Better than nothing.

Not fair for us both , if enemy suffered it doesn’t mean I should suffer next .

Lol I think we gotta take what we can get. I think they didn’t allow you to block enemies because it’s much harder to tell who is trolling on the enemy team anyway. On your team you can see the guy who never joins the team fight or just abandons his lane constantly. Or just rude pings all. the. time.

Didn’t say it’s fair. Trolls should be banned. But it’s not fair to get freelo either. Just see someone bad downvote, steal his elo and same happens every time you snipe someone bad. Now you can get a troll multiple times regardless if which team he is in or if you downvoted or not. It’s better this way.

Banning trolls is the goal , I can deal with unskilled players but trolls are hard to deal with .

It should be the goal but this thread is not about bans lol.

You said trolls should be banned , this system is circulating the trolls , you get them then I get them next then someone else get them until I downvote others and troll pass in my game and get downvoted then they join your game .

Good job semc , they are protecting the trolls .

I mean currently it’s the same thing. Except now you will have a guarantee you won’t have to suffer from the same troll twice in a row. It is better than before. Of course not nearly perfect but it is much better than nothing. I do think not enough (or barely anything) is done against trolls but that’s off topic here.