Blitz party?

Anyone wanna party for 10 wins? My notable heroes are Ardan with lvl 10 R and level 4 E, Fortress with I think a level 9 R and level 3 E, Idris with a level 7 R, and Baron with a level 6 R and 3 E…so clearly my most op hero is the most broken brawl hero in the game big daddy Ardan. Who wants to get 10 ez wins with me???

IGN is NinjaBryden (wow) and my region is NA

@Gatorrex cause I know u have op brawl heroes for no reason other than content

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off topic:

would you believe my BF rare can take down Ardan’s OP rare? :wink:

i time my dashes very well.

I can believe that, but imagine R BF with R Ardan…

lol yup. i had ardan buff me to godlike levels. i never felt so immortal in my entire VG playing life.

it was only once thou… most players in my tier want to do the killing… selfish. lol

but i have also taken down idris and ardan combo… without any buff.

We should party for blitz. I am tired other these heavy players screwing me and an unstoppable BF can probably help me get 10 wins

haha. oh wellz. nice chatting… but I’m not in NA. isn’t anyone in NA active here on forums?

Oof. Well hopefully someone in NA from the forums decides to join me on a quest to 10 wins lol

Bet me
HIT ME UP i need players with good talent

Send a friend request then, kiddo