Blitz in 4.6

I usually like to post a “first impressions” topic when new patches come out. Seeing as how I haven’t had much of a chance to do more than roughly 7-8 Blitz matches, I thought I’d start here.

Disclaimer: if you “hate” Blitz and think it’s P2W, then you don’t need to comment here. Let’s keep it positive for those of us who don’t mind dabbling in the game mode.

Disclaimer x2: this is NOT a Blitz Reloaded topic. I personally have no interest in that mdoe…

So far, I already like how Blitz “feels”. In the 5 games I played with @HipsterSkaarf - the following made ZERO appearances: San Feng Epic Talent, Kensei Epic Talent, and Miho Legendary Talent. This was so refreshing. These talents have been abused by anyone who has climbed above 2500 in Blitz (excluding yours truly… okay, maybe once or twice I caved :wink:)

I feel the game mode is going to go from VERY stale to a LOT more variety. The T3 (toxic 3) listed above are still very strong, but there is a LOT more room for counter play.


Kensei epic? As far as I know, it hasn’t been nerfed, so you haven’t seen it just… Because you were lucky, not because it has been balanced.

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Yes, I’ve heard. I sent that to support. Not sure how they messed that up