Blitz Goal Achieved!

Blitz Goal - get to 2400+ Blitz Elo.

Thanks to some very good team mates with some nice (not entirely OP) Talents.


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now your challenge is getting to 3k with only petals rare. at level 20 it costs only 95% energy to use inside the empowerement duration so you better get started on leveling that up.

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Heh. I used to like Petal pre-rework and for a short time just after her rework. Then they nerfed her to the point of being beyond obsolete.

I already have some new Brawl goals/challenges in mind anyway, that being to max out a hero’s Talent set entirely, and max out the Rare Talents of 5 heroes so that the Daily Hero Talents Chest gives me Glory most of the time unless it gives me the Epic and Legendary Talent coins.