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Blitz champs


I’ve started to get slightly bored with Blitz, reason being I have started to use the same champs all the time.

When i wake in the morning i do Blitz to get my 5 rare talents, the best i feel are Celeste, Skaarf, Varya, Inara, Lance and Adagio. First 3 play as CP and last 3 as support.

So i’m sitting around 2300, sometimes go down to 2200 but can work my way back.

I’m just wanting to find out if other people have a core set of champs that they do specifically well with.



Cath and only Cath, thats the only time i can practically guarantee a win for myself.

I only use her if I go on a losing streak. Otherwise i just pick any random hero because picking the same heroes all the time does get boring.


Cath is pretty versatile. Do you go a particular one, WP/CP/sup?


Kensei’s rare is ridiculous. I like Joule’s too… The armor and shield buff is super tanky. Ringo and Lyra have crazy rare talents too.

I like Joule, (used to like, but now stats suck) Fortress, Ringo, Skaarf, Kensei (really a blitz only hero now), Grace, Yates.


Can someone clarify how Catherine’s rare talent works? Is it triggered every time you gain a new stack for the next 30 secs? Is it permanent? Thanks.


yes, its permanent…


Then why does it say for 30s? Is it retriggered with the next stack you get?


I use a lot of Celeste and roams to win matches


Mostly CP Lyra but sometimes Flicker too. CP Lyra got me to T10 in Blitz.


I think what the other person meant was that the stacks are permanent but the effect is just for 30s. She can pretty much take chunks out of the enemy in late game.


Celeste is definitely my favourite, I wish her legendary talent was a bit better. I have her rare talent at level 14 so far.


What talent do you use, I struggle to come to a conclusion on which works best with CP Lyra.