Blackfeather: Builds and Playstyle Tips

“My blade is quick… like a blender… on ice crush!”

Welcome to the forum-built introduction to Blackfeather, part of our #guides series!

DISCUSSION: 4.2 | 4.7

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Blackfeather Builds

Halcyon Dualist - 3v3 :vgroles_jungle:

:vgitem_serpentmask: :vgitem_breakingpoint: :vgitem_bonesaw:

Alternative CORE:
:vgitem_sorrowblade: :vgitem_breakingpoint: :vgitem_poisonedshiv:

Build notes

Im very sure that everyone is somewhat familiar with both builds. First build set is obviously for sustain while the second set is for anti-sustain. Due to the major differences in both major gamemodes, the sustain build might not work as well as it would for the Halcyon Fold. You can pretty much counter most carries (to a extent) with ease but heros that kite will or out sustain you (Krul and maybe Reim). Its easier to Jungle but both builds work just as well in the lane position too. Defense is situational as well.

added by @RiseChu (4.2)

Sovereign Assassin - 5v5 :vgroles_carry_bot: or :vgroles_carry_top:

:vgitem_sorrowblade: :vgitem_tensionbow: :vgitem_poisonedshiv: :vgitem_tornadotrigger:

Defense items to suit needs.

Build Notes

Sustain/BP on BlackFeather simply doesnt work well in high elo matches so I decides to take a more assassin finisher type of build. I decided to ditch :vgitem_breakingpoint: and :vgitem_serpentmask:! Why? Because most likely you will be facing a ranged carry which is already hard enough compared to 3v3 so building towards finishing heros that are 1/2 health or less is way more efficient than trying to use find a 1v1 fight to dual in.

Bfs Feint of Heart deals a good but small amount of WP bonus damage and it also procts :vgitem_tensionbow: which in total deals a good amount of burst damage and then you can quickly stack hearthrobs to 5 which allows you to deal WP execution damage. :vgitem_tornadotrigger: also allows you to stick easier onto targets.
Since its a strange build that I find works than the sustain build, Ill take questions if its needed :triumph:

added by @RiseChu (4.2)

No one: _______

BF: * Poking with On Point nonstop * :vgroles_carry_top:

:vgitem_shatterglass: :vgitem_spellfire: :vgitem_brokenmyth: :vgitem_dragonseye:

:vgitem_eveofharvest: :vgitem_aftershock:

Build notes

Kite and Kite. Thats it. Keep poking the enemys and dive them when they are low for a free kill. Though you might want to start off with :vgitem_t1_bookofeulogies: and a :vgitem_t1_sprintboots: for earlygame sustain and a pair of booties if you can get first blood. Also just dont expect to get a kill using your AAs cuz no. Aftershock might be useful for Tank Killing too!

added by @RiseChu (4.2)

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Blackfeather Playstyle Tips

Playstyle tip here

added by @ you, update 4.2

Always save atleast a charge of Rose Offensive! You never know when you might need a free :vgitem_t2_reflexblock:

added by @RiseChu , update 4.2

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Other Blackfeather Resources

Voice Lines

Official Hero Spotlight:

Starting another #guides thread, this time for Blackfeather!

Reminder: these are also discussion threads, so feel free to chat about him too. Well, either him or the potoo :potoo: , whichever you like more.

I usually only play Blackfeather when I draw him in ARAL/M, where I really like playing his CP path. Is he viable in 4.2, in either 5v5 or 3v3?

@HipsterSkaarf you made a minor mistake on all of today’s hero guide threads. The last paragraph on all of the introduction posts welcomes everyone to reply with comments and questions about Inara :wink:

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Fixed … :sunglasses:

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As CP jungler he is one of the strongest junglers in 3v3, at least in EU, he is versatile and with great poke potential, not as good as a mage but his midgame allows him to snowball hard most heroes, when his poke excels compared with mages. His A is really good to finish with enemies when they get 5 stacks, making him really good for duels.

To play Potoo you need to pick black feather with Potoo in the background skin , get the wp buff then the cp buff and capture the ghostwing , then go face to face with black claw and use black feather taunt , black claw going to burn blacfeather and from the ashes Potoo will rise .

If you remove black from their names what left is : feather and claw , that’s Potoo .


Oh great, now this is the only thing I’ll be thinking about all day. :easter_sad_3:


Sushshshshshs u cant let them know whos the real hero :shushing_face::joy:

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I’ve seen a few Blackfeathers running around with :vgitem_capacitorplate:… is this good on him, or a waste?

Waste, his barrier is not good enough nor last enough to justify building it.

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I would consider it a waste, the increase barrier it provides isn’t worth wasting what another (more meta) item could provide. For wp (though he isn’t specially good) you would be changing either a damage item or a defensive item, which is a no as he doesn’t have too much of neither of them. For CP as you don’t usually build lifesteal it’s synergy comes down to the On Point, which IMO doesn’t need to get better given he is a poke based hero and you shouldn’t be receiving that much damage, not only that but again, another damage/defensive item will provide much more value.