Blackfeather/Brokenfeather Discussion

Thought a topic like this would be interesting!
I admit that when I started playing vainglory(my first week,~ 3 years ago) there was a free hero rotation with Celeste, Blackfeather and other heroes. Of course, young and impressed I chose to play Blackfeather, solely on his looks. I hated him, threw him in the trash, played Celeste instead and wanted to buy her after the rotation, but she costed way too much, 8000 was a LOT back then. So I picked up Glaive eventually and after 3 years I main Blackfeather, as he is all I wanted combined in one hero.
Blackfeather was introduced as an assassin, but turned out to be a God-Tier damage dealing, high mobile brawler. In my opinion, he does well with few damage items, as he is a tanky finisher and chaser. The recommended build for WP is:
SM, BP, SS, and the rest boots, aegis and metal jacket.
(lol, SM and SS, is this a sign, smec?) I adore this build, because not only is this the perfect build for a brawler/chaser, it also features my favorite item ever: Shiversteel.
In my honest opinion, CP Blackfeather is very weak in comparison to WP Blackfeather, because to farm Jungle effectively CP needs a Storm crown, but WP can just raze through it mindlessly. As a fan of SAW, I really like his A, and as a fan of Skaarf I appreciate his B. To me, his selling point was his ultimate, which can bypass both walls, turrets and entire enemy teams when you want to go to the other side of a team fight, as an example. All in all, great hero, although overshadowed by a filthy rat called Kensei, which everyone seems to hate, except Kensei mains lol.
Imo Blackfeather shouldn’t get nerfed, as he does have his weaknesses: WP doesn’t like burst, CP doesn’t like consecutive damage. WP Vox can outplay CP Blackfeather, even.
I’d love to see a nice discussion around Blackfeather, as he is, yes, very strong, but is it broken? H m m :thinking:

SM BP SS is a top lane bruiser build it has more teamfighting capabilities than 1v1 power as long as you and the enemy team is on the same level. It is an ok build imo.

A better build for expertise dueling is: SM BP BS. You are able to duel anyone 1 to 1 and if you get fed super hard you’re 1v5 potential goes through the roof. I remember in one game the enemy team was taking Blackclaw and I walked in killed the two carries and proceeded to kill two more people. Last one ran away from my penta.

You’re wrong about CP BF. He is a snowbally jungler that goes in and bursts hard with 2 crystal bits. If you don’t take advantage of your burst early game you will fall hard late game. SC is such a noob item its like saying every CP jungler needs it but that is so wrong in so many levels because in 3v3 when SC did dps CP junglers and a WP carry were most dominant. I built my Taka with double weapon blades and went full CP which is one of the reasons I am “ok” with Taka now after the nerf that completely destroyed him. Only problem I am having is the way they made his additional WP scale throughout the game on his perk like wtf SEMC how is he supposed to farm now. Just build AS BM SG/DE on CP BF.

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Nice, thank you, I’ll try the build in my next match. Now that this is out of the way, what would you think is BF better at, Jungle or Lane? I prefer Jungle, because he just lacks any range in lane until you overdrive his B, so I always jungle with him and damn is he good at clearing the jungle with WP

WP is better in lane because if someone is trying to poke you you just A onto them and start smacking them with your sword. He has pretty good base WP so you’ll always out trade them. He needs more money than levels. CP belongs in the jungle because your wave clear is bad and AS is a relatively 4 min item when you get one gank off. He needs more levels than money.


Interesting take. I tried your suggested build and it was pretty good, but I’ll never play Blackfeather CP ever again(except if I have to) , because it just doesn’t fit me and it feels weird :confused:

Cuz Nimvett likes giving Grace’s perk WP damage + a slow but he dislikes the idea of giving BF a slow on his B :sad:


Grace got buffed like hell, but what about the B… I get your point, though, I always thought B does slow, until I tried Blackfeather, guess Frostburn is your best bet now if you want slow, which is actually an interesting pick on CP BF

Oops it used to. I meant give back his slow.

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AS is insane on BF, you can virtually poke anyone to death with him safe in the knowledge you got two reflex blocks in the bag to fall back on.

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And the two reflex blocks are his ultimate :smiley: and this brings up the question: Is reflex block even needed on BF as an item?

If the enemy has heavy CP burst(Reim,Reza, Baptiste…),your most likely going to build aegis anyway since it’s the only shield item in the game next to fountain.Besides that,building any form of cooldown reduction item should give you enough rose offensive charges for a teamfight

If you like SS on BF, play him bot. He’s an absolute beast with the red buff. Swap out SS for BS or SB.

I’m gonna be honest.
Just play Kensei.
I say this as someone who hates the fact that Kensei exists, but I enjoy playing him because he fits my playstyle like a glove.

SEMC honestly doesn’t seem to have plans on making BF an interesting, fun character. They’ve stripped a bunch of mechanics from him that made him unique, and now, he doesn’t feel fun.
I’m not saying he’s devoid of fun. His personality and voice lines are still great, his ult is enjoyable to use if you don’t get one shot during it and his skins are top notch. But if you want to play a character that is the Melee WP Lane, hyper late game teamfight destroyed like BF used to be, you have to play this generic cyborg samurai now.

I’m of the opinion that it’s not that BF is strong right now, it’s that he counters this mage meta hard. If we bring up a typical soloQ comp
Reza Top
Jungle Glaive
Mid Celeste
Captain Cath
Bot Vox

You can kind of see how Blackfeather does well. Other than maybe the enemy bot laner, there’s not a single person who can duel him. If you stick him in bot lane where he can reliably get ahead, you’ll have a split pushing monster who nobody can duel properly.

The true power of CP Blackfeather lies in on point.
But on point has lost its utility, it has lost the slow and the hp barrier was nerfed too.

CP BF doesn’t exist because AS SC DE was a horrible build…

I had this discussion solely based on 3v3, so J can’t talk for 5v5,sorry

I have killed more people than he’s ever met.