Black Cat Flicker and the Wicked Hat Bug

Its bigger than what its supposed to be :eyes:

For once VG made me laugh in a long time.

I hope that this bug can stay and be a actual lil secret for this specific skin since it has no new effects*. :joy::ok_hand::joy:


The title of your post sounds like a great children’s book :rbgwen:


What’s happening I’m very blind

The hat is bigger than what its supposed to be

“It’s not a bug it’s a feature”

Where did you see that information?

Just curious because the stream made it sound like it was a bug…

No I’m kidding it’s a meme from back when Skyrim was released and it was so buggy and the devs basically said half the bugs (e.g. Skyrim space program, it’s hilarious, look it up) were actually features.

ohhhhhhhh, that went over my head so bad. :mask:

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