Better look at trick or treat Malene and Headless Idris


They both look better than I thought and I might have to spend some money. I didn’t put black cat Flicker because it’s exactly how it looks in the splash art with no new particle effects or animations


I love the Light form color scheme for Malene, the shield color is just super colorful and contrast-ey

too bad I aint payin for it.



So beautifullll


Both skins look really solid! Nice animations and model changes!


I was expecting far more, specially from idris, idk, maybe some “spectral” animations?



Also Idris is exactly what I wanted him to be. Blue chakram, red spear.


Where is Glaive? I want to see that gorgeous skin (I won’t buy it because I can’t use Glaive in 3v3, but I love that hero) :cry:


Here’s Flicker, so the little guy doesn’t feel all left out …


I prefer his red lantern one, his tale is awesome in that skin :joy:


They’re all SE right? So available for opals forever? I’m seriously worried I’m going to get screwed over later if they decide to go “oop actually they’re all LE or L”


Glaive is Legendary, the rest of them are SE yes. At least as far as we know.


I’ve never willingly played Glaive so not a problem lol. Thanks!


It’s not like you can, he is horrible right now.


I hate candy theme skins :nauseated_face:

But the animations are top notch in it tho


Too bad. It for malene mains!
oh honey you wish you was us


finally i can play malene without hating myself for getting no sunlight. i can leave alpha and main her instead :^) unless petal buff actually did something


Doubtful, when was the last time Petal was viable and actually played by more than 5 people per patch?


well, idmonfish said the mages were stronger and had to be smarter with abilities because of high energy and high coooldown but when has that ever mattered to petal >:^) halcyon charghers were enough to cover the cost of munion deaths and now they are cheaper >>>>>:^^^^^^^)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))D


Glaive is literally top tier what game are you playing?


Vainglory. And I’m yet to find one. Haven’t seen one since… 5 updates?