Best Toxic Comp

So a little while ago I asked about everyones favorite themed comp
Now I want to know what is the most toxic comp you can think of.
For both 5v5 and 3v3
If i knew how to do that fancy voting thing I would set that up but i don’t so I won’t lol.

So im going to cast my “vote”
For 3v3:
•“Won’t Stop Spawning Crap”
This consists of Ishitar, Petal, and Fortress

The reason I vote for this is because you simply can’t ignore all the spawned things otherwise you will be deleted. I have had the opportunity to play this comp about 3 times when the stars aligned and each time I felt sick in the mouth. Utterly disgusting. (Oh but that W felt good)

For 5v5:
•“Red light, Green Light, 1,2,3”
This one is a special one in my heart. It consists of mainly Captains and those who can easily switch to Cap mid game. Glaive, Silver Nail, Arden, Catherine, and Yates.

The reason I vote this so toxic is because of two acronyms AoE CC. All of those picked not only have great CC capabilities but also are able to output a solid chunk of damage if the fight goes on long enough. That being said the only one who can be trusted easily here is Silvernail Soooooo long fights for the win. Oh and running away? Yea that’s not going to happen because of Mr Yeet and Sir Traps a lot.
But if it is your team who needs to dip Sir Traps a lot, Arden, and Cat guy have the team covered.

Side note: I didn’t include brawls modes for a reason…any talent rare talent level near 12 epic 3 or legendary 2 can get toxic super fast no matter who they r on
(Obviously anyteam comp with Lyra + lvl12^ Rare is the most toxic)

Most toxic comp I can think of (for ARAL) is Ylva, especially with Legendary talent, Glaive with epic, and WP Idris or maybe Vox the stuns combined with the AAs from Idris/whoever and Glaive hit like an absolute truck. Husk/shield/armor do NOTHING at that point you’re done for.

even no talents/level 1 is pretty toxic

The most toxic comp for me is, hands down, the classic CC chain: Celeste, Catherine and Joule. With this comp you win basically because the enemy can’t play.


Phinn and Lance have joined the server

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However, right now Joule and Catherine are way better than Phinn and Lance IMO, and is harder for them to chain stuns since they have to reposition you with Lance B to do so, if not they will just root you or, if Phinn’s A is not overdrives, will only slow you, so those two gives you more counterplay than the 3-stun comp.