Best Deals Yet?

As someone who still has a few heroes and plenty of skins to unlock, this has struck me as one of their biggest market deals yet. A fair amount or ice and a boat load of glory.

I imagine for folks who have been playing for a while, that glory is not too enticing. I feel objectively speaking though, seems to be one of their best deals of the past few seasons. Thoughts?

I saw that they were hyping the deals for glory this weekend, but as I have something like 420,000 glory, I was obviously not too interested. However, it did get me wondering why they suddenly were pushing glory …

The only real uses for it are unlocking heroes (which you can already do with ICE) and upgrading Talents :nauseated_face:

Maybe they’re trying to reach the Blitz players?

Yeah, that’s not a bad deal for someone needing to fill out their hero collection, or maybe for a talent junkie. 200,000 glory would cost you 24000 ice normally, which would be a pretty penny to buy outright.

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This is around 30 heroes for 20$, not bad. It will help those new players get into the game faster.


Those are my thoughts exactly. I imagine with the launch on Steam and PC in general, they’re getting more or hoping for more new players. This would be a quick cash flow for them while also getting new players into the game real quick.

The Steam numbers are very discouraging, unfortunately. And they’re down 30% over the last month.

I think they are failing to understand that they won’t retain players if they don’t improve the quality of the game – all the things they continue to put off (bug fixes, UI issues, the lack of a progression system, terrible matchmaking) are causing players to leave faster than they can attract new ones.

That’s a recipe for disaster.


They mentioned something along the lines of possibly having aa recyclable Battle Pass type thing so perhaps there are two of them: one being for Glory and the other for ICE.

Preach. To go along with that, they also are likely failing to understand that when you reach out to the PC gaming world, especially with MOBA, it’s a much higher educated audience. They will pick up on poor quality in a MOBA quickly. When you enter the PC MOBA world, you’re in immediate competition with DotA and LoL.


My thoughts are similar to @hazeleyes. Glory is useless to me, I have plenty (although probably not quite as much as 420k) and own all the heroes already. I occasionally upgrade a talent a few levels, but it’s not really worth it. I think they need to reintroduce glory boxes or something similar (Blueprints for glory?) if they want to make these deals look good to most players.


It isn’t designed for most players. It’s designed for blizt players and new ones coming from the PC release. This offer is just not thought for veterans.

Notice that they released a talent glory box , in my opinion this is bad especially for us ftp players , giving 30 heroes to new players is bad for the game experience , one of the things that made me playing when I downloaded the game is seeing other heroes playing with me and against me and planning to get them next , and the process of getting them changed my mind to another heroes or still made me wanting them more .

I think there is a possibility of new players keep trying and trying other heroes and having more heroes means they going to try and keep trying , but they aren’t deep into the game trying other heroes not helping , sticking to small pool and practicing to win and gaining glory is the way , we all were koshka ringo Catherine mains at somepoint of the game (og players) .

Ringo forever in our hearts. #NonRareSkin

I don’t see it bad though 30 heroes can be a little bit too much, but helping new players expand their pull so they can start fully enjoying the game and all it’s modes seem positive to me.

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Are you saying in other words that the game is casual now , and people playing ranked casually , and let’s make it chaos , it’s actually a chaos for new players especially if they new to mobas giving them more heroes means they going to get distracted by learning heroes other than learning the game , but I see it enjoyable for casual players and different modes , maybe it’s a casual decision .

What? No. Why would it be casual, because new players can play more heroes faster?

What sucks even more is that it’s the out of game experience that is holding VG back despite the fact that VG is a solid MOBA in itself. We need better progression especially for veterans that really just play to…play…

You know what , I thought about it more and I think it’s a direct encouragement for players to create smurfs , 30 heroes man , that’s a lot , I would create smurf if I don’t have multiple accounts .

Why? I wouldn’t pay 20$ for a smurf, it’s just a waste.


I know other people smurfing and they buy deals to get heroes , I think that’s one of the reasons semc keeping smurfs , that deal for anyone want to smurf is big , There is all access pass too , both good for smurfs.

And for new players. Most smurfs doesn’t buy all that, they buy the 3.49$ (I think it was) x10 offer. They don’t take away smurfs because they don’t see it as a priority and because they have an anti smurf system, not because of the offers.