Best Board Games of the Ancient World

Incredibly interesting article from earlier this year in Smithsonian Magazine! If you like board games, as I do, you’ll find this fascinating!


Oh these are rather interesting but some caught my interest more like senet and mehen tho of course some are unclear still in what the rules are but they still are fascinating to see. I also just like Egyptian history a lot so of course those two caught my attention most.

I know this isn’t an ancient game but reading part way through the article I just thought of this board game I found and became interested in awhile ago that you may find interesting too as you like board games as well. A board game called Quarto in which you match pieces in a row of 4 that share a same attribute but players pick which piece each other play.image

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interesting, otherwise I was really into chess and still loves to play from time to time (tho I am around 100 times weaker now) + I love modern board games of the likes of gloomhaven, civilization, mars, etc.
PC/mobile gaming is all cool and whatnot, but there is a real charm to sit with friends over a few beers to have fun with a old school pen and paper experience.