Berthe, Lady of the East

Hi everybody, I am BlueLycan, and today I will introduce a Stackative Heroes with a buff can be refreshed?
How innovative are you to think of a strategy to play this hero? :wink:

Role: Captain, CP Bruiser, Carry.
Path: Hybrid, WP
Range: 5.3

A good sustain heroes good against WP heroes with Vanguard. Squishy HP like Lyra but has huge barrier and fortified health buff. Any person will know not to mess up with her, since the more you attack her, the stronger she gets.

Perk: Hold’ up!
Upon Berthe’s barrier or fortified health reaches 0, she would gain Vanguard for 1.5 seconds. (lv1 - lv12)
Vanguard: when attacked by enemy heroes, 30-115 + 35% CP will become fortified health and refresh this buff. This buff cannot be stacked. DPS skills will reduce the heal amount by 75% when trigger fortified health.
Moreover, her basic attack deals 50-120 + 70% CP damage and increase the ratio to 120% when she has Vanguard.

A: Thunderclaps
Berthe aims at a small area, and after 0.5s brief, she uses lightning to strike and deals X damage . 25% of damage to enemy heroes will become barrier. This deals 100% damage to creeps.
Overdrive: if not having Vanguard, slow the enemies by 25% for 2s. If having Vanguard, increase the slow to 50%.

B: Electric Barrier
Passive: gain 15% additional Shield from items.
Berthe casts an electric barrier on herself or an ally, giving both Y fortified health (stackative) and 20% movement speed boost for 4s. Casting this skill on ally will reflect 33% of damage they receive back to the dealer, why casting on herself will make her reflect 25% damage to the dealer but also slow them by 40% for 1.5s.
Overdrive: increase the health fortified.

U: Charged
Gain self Stackative. The next basic skill cast in 6 seconds will stack 2 stacks to that skill, allow her to use it again. She must use all the stacks before using the other skills or letting that skill go on CD state.

More descriptions if anyone not understand.


  • Won’t trigger until Berthe has fortified health/barrier then one of them reaches 0.
  • Auto refreshed when she gets attacked.
  • Each time she gets attacked by abilities or basic attacks, fortify herself. Useful against DPS heroes with low damage and focus on atk speed like Skye, Vox.

Electric Barrier

  • Imagine it is Catherine’s B, but weaker and can be casted on ally.

  • The reflect will bounces to the damage dealer instead of nearby enemies like Cath.

  • THat reflect will cause slow if she casts skills on herself and get attacked.

  • Creep’s attacks won’t trigger reflection.

  • Can be stacked, means that you can buff 4 people at a time with Ultimate.

  • The fortified health is stackative so that when she uses her B 3 times, she gets 3x fortified health from it.

  • Same AoE damage to X ally having this buff will trigger the buff X times. It is best used to counter AoE damage dealer. [fack you Skaarf]


  • Not going on CD before she chose the skill to be stacked.
  • Making skills can be used up to 3 times.
  • Will go on CD right after used on a skill, however, the target skill won’t go on CD unless Berthe uses all stacks.
  • When she used C for an ability, that ability is casted and stack would be added.


  • Hybrid Path: half CP, half Ultility item -> allows her to stay longer in combat and have many uses for team.
  • WP Path -> her skills don’t have WP ratio, but with sustain abilities and movement abilities, she can be used to carry the game.
  • Hybrid Path: WP + Afterschock + Poison Shiv -> more sustain damage but lacks of damage. However, with this she can stay longer in combat.

So she’s stacks fortified health, and when this goes she’s gets a vanguard for upto 4 second? How do you kill her/him? Esepcially when she can start stacking her B thanks to her C which also enables him/her to reflect DMG.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood something in your guide but this sounds broken; way to tanky, giving her vanguard when fortified health expires sounds like reim but on steroids.


No, fortified health is not stackative. So she is less OP than Reim because Reim fortified health is stackative.
However, different from Reim, her fortified health is refreshed when get attacked, so she is strong against WP dealer, unlike Reim, strong against CP dealer.

Moreover, the concept of fortified health is, if you have 500 fortified health and receive 200 damage, you will lose 100 fortified health and receive 100 damage to your HP. So fortified health doesn’t mean your HP bar won’t get affected. Also, there is a way to counter this if you haven’t realized, that is wait for the fortified health to expire by itself. This won’t trigger the Vanguard buff.

Next the aim for C -> B is mainly an offensive ability instead of defensive. With C and Echo, you can litterally buff B to everybody in your team (yes Echo works with C, which gives the stack up to 5). By this, you can counter the AoE team formation when everybody in your team has damage reflection.

P/s: I have reduced the Cooldown of Vanguard’s fortified health to make it less OP.

So I have to wait till her health is gone so I don’t trigger vanguard then I can attack, seriously… you can also stack B since her C let’s you do this, so I can get 75% DMG reflect? And all that additional shield? Plus forgoes health… stacking her B basically means nobody can come beat you. Buy an echo and you can stack her B over and ovsr

DMG reflection is not stackable, only the fortified health that skill provided.
Besides, Catherine shield reflected 100% damage as CP O_O, mine only 33%.
It is made just for against AoE dealer thou

You cannot stack B forever, as i have stated, you have to use all the stacks before it goes on CD.
Besides, the ultimate CD is pretty long, so if you want to stack forever, you have to wait… 60s not using B to stack again. [not recommend doing that]

Think it works like this: Berthe uses C -> B, B is already used to trigger C, so B is now having two stacks. Berthe and number 1 hero got fortified health. Then she uses the skill again, hero 2 and 3 got fortified health, Berthe got 3x fortified health.
If she has Echo? It kinda tricky and require quickly skils. Use C -> Echo (CD off C) -> B (add 2 stacks) -> C -> B (2 more stacks, now it has 3 stacks) -> B -> B -> B. So you can trigger B 5 times. Remember, the stackative and skill used is applied at once.