Bel'Veth - Empress of the Void

Kai’Sa’s splash art on League’s Universe site has been updated … and there are some Easter eggs in it!

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The rumor mill strongly suggests the next event will be centered around The Void and this terrifying new champ!

Her official splash art … I have questions

Splash art used in the short story for her Universe page … I like this much better than her in-game splash.

Bel’Veth’s Champion Theme:

What I got from this is … she dashes and slaps and dashes and slaps again … and again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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Slappy fish jokes aside, apparently this second queen of the void isnt the monster void champ that was promised to release this year…and that the Void Monster champ release has been pushed to next year early! so rip to the monster fans out there

Ngl not a huge fan at all. She gives me battle mage vibes and her being a melee jg is just a bigger turn off for me.

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FINALLY saw Bel’Veth in a match just now – she was on the enemy team, and my first impression is that she’s amazingly ugly! Despite her splash art, she doesn’t look the least bit human. Her giant flappy bird form is pretty huge (stares in Shyvana :unamused:) but she seemed a bit underwhelming, even though the player who had her seemed to know what they were doing.

Did I mention she’s incredibly ugly? :nauseated_face: