Begginner starting tier

ok, so i played a ranked 3v3 with a newbie to the game, I checked his ign on VGPRO and it turns out he’s only played 8 games total. So i really can’t blame him for unskilled play.

BUT why, for the love of GOD… does every newbie start at worthy foe bronze. He’s got 8 losses in a row and can’t even demote himself any further… he’ll never drop lower than T4 bronze

If i had 8 losses in a row… my elo would drop very very fast… down down down back to Just begginning…

I din’t tilt the whole game. from his constant feeding, I already had suspicions that match maker screwed up. If only he didn’t afk … I needed him to feed, I needed that double life alpha to act as a sacrifice for the greater good. I didn’t even care if he’s feeding… I was still getting triple kills… it was only when he afk’d… skaarfy and my Wp Taka just couldn’t hold the fort any longer… We slayed a kraken and our final death timers was just too long…


I’m pretty sure that player ain’t having a good time losing 8 times in a row… Put them in T1, they’ll have I duno… maybe 10 to 20 easy wins? then maybe match maker won’t be so broken and full of players who don’t know how to play. Let them earn their way up. Like i did.

They’ll have more fun, = more interest = more games = more exp = more skills = more likely to become a long term VG player who won’t drop out because of bad match ups. I’m pretty sure he afk’ed because he just felt crap letting his team down, for the 8th time in a row…

for the record, I don’t blame him. I blame VG’s broken match maker and starting at T4 stupidity.


Was this casual or ranked? How can this player have ranked unlocked? 13 minion kills is like absolutely horrible…

I dropped below t4 for never losing a ranked game (I only ever played like 4 though so…) but this dude can’t drop for losing 8? what…?

I think he is a troll and feeding
He did 3k damage thats 1/7 of the enemy roam damage !

Semc said that new players get a lot of elo or lose a lot of elo
He didnt lose a lot then he is already a higher tier player decayed to worthy foe and the game cant drop him from this tier .

Honestly I think the should start at t1 only if there was a t0 for trolls to fall to(requirement of getting dropped 1 rank and getting low in the season)

If you say that he has played 8 games in total and was with you on a ranked match, I will have to disagree with you on the terms that he is a new player. No account reaches level 10 in simply 8 games, what is likely to have happened is that this player hasn’t played for a while. Reminder that the databases were lost a few months ago disappearing with a lot of matches that were previously recorded. At that skill tier and without playing for a while it makes me assume the player isn’t bothered to learn much and just plays it casually (even if he was playing ranked).

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Why do new players start at tier 4? That’s almost halfway mark for the ranks. What’s the point of the previous ones if t4 is pretty much the starting point?


i could think of a possible reason
being new, seeing that you’re not placed in the “lowest” tier (t1) could kinda be an incentive to keep playing, like how PUBG mobile pits you with bots at the start to make you feel good when you win

Problem is with it is by the time you reach ranked there should be enough data collected to put you close to the rank that matches skill level

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5v5 Ranked just debut and they already decided to inflate it :slight_smile:

In any case, it’s a vital flaw in the game. I’m not entirely sure how to resolve this issue… But I’ll think of something. Semc better be thinking about this.

How about start with making beginners start at T1? A small step in the right direction.

People are put in T4 because thats where their mmr places them after their casual matches to unlock ranked.

If they were placed at T1 where would they go if they lost consistently?

Any elo system has to start players at some elo point - otherwise people cannot win elo by beating them.

I can also see why they made it like that, but I feel like the starting at T4 benefits well seasoned gamers and will really be a hindrance to casual gamers.

They are betting on the majoirty being the latter. Even though I see the reason, I am still against it.

It’s like jumping the queue at the doctors and telling your GP “just refer me to the specialist ok” I know what disease I got. It works, but it’s just not right. Follow the steps, go through the grind. Even if you know it all, it’s how it should be.

Please, SEMC, I’m not asking for a miracle. I’m just asking to revert back to something that worked well.


Remember when the range was from t1-t3 instead of constant t4s?


Ranked Newbie - Total of 4 games. Allowed to play ranked. all games just hours apart.

Incase you’re wondering, yup - yet another afk . . . after dieing too many times and losing hope.

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