Been gone since 3.9, what should I know?

i thought i’d give vg another try, but idk how much has changed since then, and i realize a new patch is just out, but what are some general things i should take note of in the meta that’s just much different?

If you play against Caine, dont get hit but his A. No matter what.

It WILL take 3/4 of you health as a carry or a good amount if a roam. (Late game tho. Probably as strong as Kensei released)

Other than that, the meta is still being decided but its safe to say that the heros from last patch are still good this patch. (If you dont know what heros im talking about, look up last patch meta heros, Im sure there are some threads about it.)

Never say that, Kensei released is one of the most broken things the game has ever saw, and right now Cain is not even near.

Im not here to debate but Ill fix a mistake that I didnt say.

His A is on terms of being as strong as Kensei damage wise. Yes Kensei was on a whole another level of being broken as a hero but Caines A is on a level of being broken for a ability.

The universal movespeed buff didn’t necessarily scale the same way. Grace is super fast now with 4.1 I’d suggest using her. Anka was adjusted to do better in the lane, and defense items gold cost were reduced.

Adagio was oofed, GJ is still busted, Caine is insane, Magnus is still insane, Gwen is still insane, Fort is still really gud, Celeste got kinda oofed, so Malene and Sam are the best mid laners outside of permabanned Magnus, San Feng is still dumb, we have a 200 level cap now, uh…I think some other stuff happened too


Adagio is really bad, all the matches I’ve lost were with a WP adagio in our team, and those Adagios just lack of the damage they are supposed to have, and thanks to that range nerf they are even more useless.

Blackfeather on release was honest to god even stronger. If you could play him even remotely well (and remember players were a lot worse at the game overall back then) he was an automatic win with zero potential counters.

O god I remember those days. Dude could 1v3 effortlessly

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Remember the “Brokenfeather” comp of Blackfeather and Kestrel???

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I distinctly remember a BF winning a 2v3 in ranked, and our team did not even throw, built multiple atlas, and focused only him in fights. He was a warrior, assassin, ADC tank lol.

Blackfeather on release was weak, it was after SEMC reduced his cooldowns when he become Brokenfether.


Broken feather appeared the following update after his released when they gave him a secret buff PoB announced in the old forums. The buff reduced the A and C cooldown a lot, but on release he was considered weak @coltonJW. That update also came with a bug that allowed him to heal four times the normal amount with BoE when killing minions, reason why he was banned in competitive. After they solved that, he started to be used in competitive, where he managed a 0% win rate. Despite his opness, he wasn’t nerfed because SurpriseBirthday said he had a normal win rate (reason for that is that ranked was still with no draft, so it was BF vs BF).


I didn’t even play him as WP. He was my go-to support, but with the range nerf, I simply can’t help my mid-laner and harass the enemy with a couple of attacks here and there.

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He lost 26% of his bonus damage, which paired with the range nerf makes him pretty bad in any position IMO

Where are you getting the 26% from? It looks like buffs across the board aside from the range and stack nerf.

since gwen is apparently still strong, i guess i’ll ask more abt her
does she still go sb tb bp? do botlanes still take wp treant?

also, is baron still alive

The empowered attacks, if you don’t build CP (as roam you don’t usually build CP) you are loosing 26% damage from your B

Excel closed

Baron still one of the strongest bot laners. About Gwen, I don’t know her build, but I think is with the TB.

do we still take the wp buff or have the junglers revolted? do we still go in the jungle?